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JobTestPrep’s Oxera Watson Glaser-Style Packs

Do you know what is involved in the Oxera recruitment process? Our PrepPack™ includes hundreds of questions, full answer explanations, and study tips to get you ready for test day. Studies have shown that advance preparation improves your chances of being hired. Start practising with JobTestPrep today.

Oxera Watson Glaser Test

The Watson Glaser test is divided into five sections – Inference, recognizing assumptions, deduction, interpretation, and evaluation of arguments. Each section has its own question type that assesses a particular critical thinking ability. The test is verbal, and requires a deep and concise understanding of when and to what extent of certainty can one draw conclusions based on given data; the ability to determine whether certain assumptions have been made in a text, be they true or not; and objectively assessing the validity of arguments, regardless of prejudice or personal experience.

Oxera Personality Test

Oxera deploy a personality test to better screen potential employees before you can sign on the dotted line. They want to know who will perform well and those who won't. It is important to note that you should answer each question truthfully and go with the first answer that comes to mind. Overthinking questions will throw you off, waste time and perhaps indicate to the recruiter that you are trying to game the system.

Oxera Abstract Reasoning Online Assessment test

Can you identify rules & consistent patterns or easily explain the next step in the sequence? Your abstract reasoning test provides your future employer insight into your overall intelligence and judgement and by understanding the meaning behind the information and data and to offer solutions to problems at a level of abstract thinking.

Oxera Verbal Reasoning Test

Strong communication skills are a major component in passing the Oxera verbal reasoning aptitude test. These tests often include complex written information that you will need to analyse and comprehend in order to derive relevant conclusions from the text. Oxera uses these tests as a means to assess your verbal comprehension abilities.


Get Ready for your Oxera Watson Glaser-Style Test

Our Watson Glaser-style PrepPacks™ were designed in order to give you an advantage over the other Oxera candidates. We offer dozens of detailed practise Watson Glaser-style tests, as well as study guides and score reports. Begin practising today and outperform the competition tomorrow!


Oxera Interview Policy

After your CV has made it through the company’s screening process, you will likely be contacted to take part in an initial phone interview. You should prepare for a phone interview similarly to how you would a face-to-face or panel interview by anticipating the sorts of questions you may be asked (competency and skill-based, as well as those regarding your availability, salary expectations, etc.) and by practicing your responses. Additionally, it is recommended to maintain good posture and smile throughout the duration of the phone interview as both can affect your overall enunciation and tone.

Oxera Assessment Centre Proceedings

An assessment centre allows companies like Oxera to evaluate and screen larger numbers of applicants not only in key areas associated with the job description, but also for their specific working environment. During the course of the assessment centre, you will be met with a variety of tests, group exercises, and interviews. This mix of activities was designed to assist the company in building a more precise outline of your strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to the available position.

What Do the Oxera Interview Questions Accomplish?

During your Oxera interview you can expect a wide range of questions from “tell me about yourself?” to more difficult questions like “why are you the best candidate for the position?”; You might even get some outside the box question like “Why are manhole covers round?” or “If you were hosting a dinner party and could invite three people, dead or alive, who would you invite?”. So, what is the interviewer setting out to accomplish? They want to get a sense of your skill base, knowledge, character and experience to assess if you are the right fit for the job and the company at large.

When Is the Best Time to Begin Preparing for My Oxera Watson Glaser-Style Test?

Since the Watson Glaser- style test can make or break your chances of becoming an employee with Oxera, it is essential to begin preparing as soon as possible. JobTestPrep gives you the advantage over other candidates through the use of our comprehensive practice tests and study guides.

What Should I Expect During the Oxera Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process for Oxera can vary depending on the position you have applied for. After you have submitted your application you should expect to be contacted for an interview. If you pass the initial interview, the company will then request that you take one or more aptitude tests to assess your compatibility with the duties you will be performing on the job, as well as within the workplace. These tests will most likely be conducted at the Oxera assessment centre alongside several other candidates.


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