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Like many other companies, Orkla Group has added the CEB's SHL pre-hire testing to their arsenal of pre-hire assessments. Don’t risk getting caught unprepared in an every competitive job seekers market. Our CEB's SHL-style PrepPacks™ will help your fulfil your dreams and find success.

The tests you should be prepared for include the SHL numerical reasoning test, SHL verbal reasoning test and the SHL inductive reasoning test assessments. If you are applying for a clerical position 

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Hiring Process Step by Step


Internal Auditor Internship Hiring Process

  • Application and response: The company has streamlined the application process online. Just find your position, upload your cover letter, CV and wait for the confirmation email. The company thoroughly checks each application, so there is no standard time frame for a reply.
  • First Interview, Case Studies, and Tests: As the hiring process now heats up you will be invited for either first round interview or a recruitment day, depending on the position you are vying for. After passing the first interview you will then receive online tests (CEB's SHL…etc.) and or home case studies to ensure you can fulfill the role properly.
  • More Interview Rounds: In these later rounds of interviews you will present your case study and will be drilled on your qualifications, skills, and personality. They want to make sure that you are a total package.
  • References The company will now check over your list of reference to make double sure that your work history can be verified.
  • The Job If you have successfully passed all segments of the hiring process, you will be offered a job and sent a contract for review.

Interview Questions to Consider

  • Q: Who are you?
  • A: What they are really asking is what have you done professional and how can you contribute to the company.
  • Q: Why are you the right candidate for the position?
  • A: It is important to personalize your answer to the position in question. Don’t just speak about skills, but your track record as well.
  • Q: What were your primary role in your last position?
  • A: When providing this answer don’t just list your skills, but give stories which highlight your analytical ability, enthusiasm and your passion for the line of work.

CEB's SHL Pre-Hire Exams

CEB's SHL cover a wide range of topics and disciplines, including; math, verbal reasoning, logic, personality tests, technology, clerical and admin roles, critical reasoning and more. These tests will help paint a picture of your true abilities and possibility of merging well with the company.

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