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About Opito

Opito, or offshore petroleum industry training organization, works to ensure that the UK’s oil and gas workforce is sustainable, competent and safe. Opito’s graduate scheme trains candidates in process operations, electrical and mechanical maintenance, and instrument and control maintenance. Opito receives over 3,000 applications for only 100 positions so improve your chances of success on the Opito aptitude tests by practicing with JobTestPrep. 

The Opito Application Form

The Opito application form can be completed online. You need to provide basic personal information along with information about your academic career, including GCSE results. There will also be questions about your work experience.

Opito Aptitude Tests

Once you have submitted your application form, you may be invited by Opito to one of their testing centers for a series of Opito aptitude tests. Tests are provided by CEB’s SHL and are designed to asses your logical and numerical skills, your mechanical and fault finding abilities, and your ability to work under pressure. The tests are administered on paper and you need to pass all of the tests in order to continue.

Opito Numerical Tests

The Opito numerical tests assess your ability to work with information provided in numerical formats such as graphs, tables, formulas and ratios. There are two tests within the Opito numerical test battery, one where you may use a calculator and one where you may not. Both of the tests are timed, adding to the pressure. The best way to prepare yourself for this is to practice SHL-style numerical questions with a time limit.

Opito Verbal Reasoning Tests

The Opito verbal reasoning tests are used to assess your skills at understanding and analysing written texts to help answer content-based questions. During the test, you will be given a passage to read and a number of questions where you will need to assess if the statement in the question is true, false or you cannot say. These tests are timed, adding pressure to the test where you only have a minute to answer each question. To prepare yourself, practice SHL-style verbal reasoning questions.

Opito Mechanical Reasoning Test

As you are applying to either an engineering or technical apprenticeship, Opito will need to assess your mechanical abilities through their mechanical reasoning test. This test will be on paper. You will be given three or four multiple choice answers to choose from, with only one correct answer. You will be given less than a minute to answer each question. The best way to prepare yourself for this is by practicing with SHL-style mechanical reasoning questions.

Opito Fault Finding Test

The Opito fault finding test, also known as fault diagnosis, is the only test that will be given on the computer. It has 36 questions and you will be given 18 minutes to complete. It is important to prepare by familiarizing yourself with these tests in order to understand both the content and working under time pressure. Make sure to see JobTestPrep’s SHL-style fault diagnosis tests to help you on the road to success.

The Opito Interview

The interview is the last stage in the recruitment process. If you have passed the Opito aptitude tests, you will be invited to an interview at on of the Opito offices. As this is the first time you will be meeting face to face with an Opito employee, it is important to make a good impression. You are expected to be professional in both your dress and speech. Since an interview can be a little intimidating, take a look at JobTestPrep’s interview tips and techniques to help you make a great impression. Please be aware that if you make it through the interview process, you will expected to submit yourself to a medical review.

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