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About Ofgem & Their Application Process

The Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) graduate development programme is a popular graduate scheme with many applicants each year across the range of disciplines offered. Preparation is key to ensuring that you will be one of the lucky people to get a job with Ofgem at the end of the recruitment process.

Throughout the application process, you will be assessed against the graduate core competencies. You must take every opportunity to demonstrate how you fulfil these requirements, and use examples from your past experience to do so.

These competencies are:

  • Analysing and using evidence
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability and ability to handle change
  • Communication

Ofgem Application Form

The application form is your step on to the Ofgem recruitment process. If you fail to impress at this stage, you will not move forward with your application. The application form asks the usual questions about you, your education and experience, but also asks for your answers to four competency questions, and a supporting statement. Both sections are word limited, so ensure that you plan your answers before filling in the form to ensure that you get the most out of each word. Organise your answers using the STAR method to ensure that you cover everything.

The competencies questions are:

  • Please provide an example that demonstrates the competency analysing and using evidence, delivering outputs effectively.
  • Please provide an example that demonstrates the competency leadership, delivering outputs effectively.
  • Please provide an example that demonstrates the competency adaptability and ability to handle change, delivering outputs effectively.
  • Please provide an example that demonstrates the competency communication, delivering outputs effectively.

You have a limit of 4,000 characters on your personal statement. You are asked to include information about how your qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills match the requirements of the Graduate Development Programme. You should emphasise any past work experience that demonstrates the selection criteria. Add any information about yourself that strengthens your argument why you are suitable for the job, for example any volunteering, life experience or interests. And also don’t forget to write about why you want to work for Ofgem.

Ofgem Psychometric Tests

If your application is taken to the next stage, you are required to take three psychometric tests. These three tests will assess your reasoning abilities and general intelligence.

Ofgem Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test measures how you interpret numerical data in the form of a graph or table in order to extract the information and use it to answer questions. The questions are multiple choice with several questions on each piece of information. Questions can be a mix of basic maths, percentages and ratios, critical reasoning or more. The test has a time limit, allowing the recruiter to measure your accuracy under pressure. Practising for a numerical reasoning test in advance increases your possibility of success when it comes to the real thing, including how well you answer questions in the time limit. JobTestPrep’s numerical reasoning practice packs will help you get all the preparation you need.

Ofgem Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests measure how you comprehend, analyse and interpret a written text in order to extract the information needed to answer questions. These are skills that you need in most jobs. Some test formats will offer you multiple choice answers, whilst others will ask you to judge a statement as true/ false or cannot say. Verbal reasoning tests are generally time limited, creating pressure on you to answer quickly and accurately. Taking practice tests enables you to increase your confidence in the test, enabling you to get a better score. Practise with JobTestPrep’s verbal reasoning practice packs to improve your score.

Ofgem Spatial Reasoning Test

The third test you are expected to take is a spatial reasoning tests. Spatial reasoning tests are a more technical type of test measuring your orientation skills, or ability to solve spatial problems. Spatial reasoning tests can follow several formats including organising two dimensional shapes; cubes; mirror images; and perspectives. Taking practice tests will familiarise you with the types of questions you will face, and improve your understanding of these questions. Practice spatial reasoning tests with JobTestPrep to help you improve your score on the day.

Ofgem Interview/Assessment Centre

The next stage of the application process is either an interview or assessment centre. You are told what to expect in their assessment centre ahead of time. This can include testing as well as presentations. Whatever assessments you face, JobTestPrep can help you prepare. Two key elements of the assessment centre are the competency-based interview and a presentation.


The Ofgem interview is a one hour long, competency based, panel interview. The interview is your first opportunity to sell yourself face to face with the recruiters, so it is important that you are on top form going in. Preparation is key, and involves several stages. First of all, review the competencies Ofgem are looking for, and review what is required of you in a competency interview. Then refresh your memory of what you answered on your application form. The next step is to prepare more examples from your previous experience of where you have demonstrated the competencies. Organise your answers using the STAR method to ensure that you have covered everything. Finally, practice giving over these answers in interview conditions. The best way to do this is with a mock interview, and JobTestPrep’s interview preparation pack allow you to do just that, with the added bonus of feedback that you can use to improve your performance in the real thing.


You may be asked to prepare for a presentation ahead of the interview. This presentation lasts a total of 15 minutes and is split into five minutes for the presentation itself, and up to 10 minutes of questions from your interviewers on what you have just said. Delivering a presentation can be nerve-wracking, at the same time as you need to display confidence. JobTestPrep’s presentation pages and blog entry can help you prepare for the delivery side of your presentation.

Prepare for Success

The Ofgem graduate scheme is a popular scheme, and you will face heavy competition throughout the recruitment process. At the same time, the Ofgem recruitment process itself is challenging, testing different skills at each stage. Preparation for each stage is key to ensuring that you do your best and get the job. In this article, we have set out each stage and the resources available from JobTestPrep to help you prepare.


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