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About NMB Bank PrepPacks™

Our PrepPacks™ are created to give you an advantage throughout the NMB Bank recruitment process. Rise above the competition using our in-depth NMB Bank-style practice assessment tests and study guides.


"I was successful, interview package was less competitive than yours, which gave me more confidence."

Mark Wainwright


NMB Bank Numerical Tests

A wide range of positions require you to take numerical reasoning tests. It is therefore important to brush up on skills from basic mathematics to high-level numerical critical reasoning, as the numerical tests will usually play a decisive factor in the recruitment process.

NMB Bank Verbal Reasoning Tests

Communication skills are very important when taking the NMB Bank verbal reasoning aptitude test. These tests often include complex written information that you will need to analyse in order to derive relevant conclusions from the text. NMB Bank uses these tests as a means to assess your verbal comprehension abilities.

NMB Bank Situational Judgement Tests

The NMB Bank Situational Judgement Test is used as to gauge your innate ability to approach real-life work conflicts and scenarios. You will be tasked with choosing the most and least effective responses, or to rank them in order based on their effectiveness. The NMB Bank SJT assesses a number of different workplace skills such as time management.


Succeed In All Areas of Your NMB Bank Recruitment Process

Don't get intimidated by the NMB Bank assessment tests because you have JobTestPrep at your side, helping you through the process. on your side. Our in-depth practise materials and comprehensive study guides will ensure that you have a leg up on other candidates throughout the NMB Bank hiring process.


NMB Bank Interview Policy

A successful NMB Bank interview takes more than dressing smart. Before arriving make you research the company and the position you are after. Make a list of points that highlight of your past achievements and write open ended questions to learn as much as you can about the company, division and how management operates. When faced with questions regarding your weaknesses, be open and honest, but also demonstrate how you resolve or work around them efficiently as possible.

What Is the Purpose of the NMB Bank Personality Test?

The NMB Bank personality test is used to measure your persona and ability to interact with other poeple. Can you adapt to changes and cooperate with your co-workers? These are the type of skills that a personality test is assessing. There are technically no right or wrong answers to these tests, however, certain answers can make or break your ability to obtain the job you are after due to their effect on your overall personality profile.

At Which Point Should I Begin Preparing For My NMB Bank Tests?

You should start practising as soon as you feel ready to make an application. Whether you actually have to take a particular test or not is a mute point. The important thing is to be prepared. 

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me Prepare for the NMB Bank Assessment Centre?

JobTestPrep has many different preparation packs to get you ready for your assessments. Our Assessment Centre pack is an essential part of our arsenal as it contains tips on how to compose yourself while participating in the assessment centre and simulations of the sorts of activities you will be engaging in while there. The assessment centre is an important means for NMB Bank to obtain a well-rounded profile of all participants in regard to their suitability for the position, as well as their compatibility with the company’s standards.


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