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Who are Nippon Life?

Nippon Life is a global life insurance company with headquarters in Japan, offices in London, U.S.A and other countries around the world. Nippon Life product line includes Medical, disability, wellness, dental, life, vision, and RX.

How to Prepare for Nippon Life's Tests?

The hiring process at Nippon Life may include the following steps:

  • Online Application: Send your updated CV to the position you are interested in.
  • Phone Interview: The HR manager will call you for a conversation, and to schedule an onsite interview.
  • Onsite Interview: The professional manager will interview you. Also, you might be interviewed by the HR manager and/or other senior company members.
  • Assessment Centre: You might be invited to an Assessment Day, in which you will take part in group tasks such as play roles, discussion, making a mutual presentation and other activities.

Nippon Life’s Aptitude Tests

You might be asked to take these exams:

  • Numerical Test: Examines your quantitative thinking. Might include a calculation test, and/or questions about facts and figures presented in statistical tables.
  • Verbal Test: Evaluates your ability to comprehend, analyse, and interpret text.
  • Logical Test: Measures your ability to think logically and analytically.
  • SJT: Situational judgement test. Assess your approach to work-related situations, and includes problem-solving.
  • Abstract Test: Evaluates your non-verbal skills, and your ability to think logically.
  • Personality: Examines your behaviour and characteristics in general, and in situations at work.
  • Excel: Tests your excel knowledge and level.

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Nippon Life’s Interview Questions

You may be asked questions such as:

  • Why did you apply to this position, and in our company?
  • What do you know about the world of insurance?
  • In this position, you may face difficult situations and people (example is given) – how would you manage these situations successfully?
  • What would your former bosses/ colleagues say about you?

Good luck!

Nippon Life Subsidiaries:

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