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Ready Yourself for the Newgen Recruitment Process

Newgen Software is an innovator which provides technologies and resolutions to initiate better business choices. They possess practices which utilize an empowering movement and provide a learning environment for their employees which is filled with various opportunities and helps them ahead towards self-development.

A guideline to the Newgen application process is listed below:

  • Application: The application procedure can be done through a campus recruiter for a full-time career or for the Newgen internship program. The application form can be filled out online and requires an attached CV as well.
  • Telephone Interview: The phone screening interview is the first evaluation stage performed by an HR recruiter.
  • In-Person Interview: Depending on the level of the position being applied for, the Newgen interview process may consist of several stages, including a one-on-one interview with a hiring manager, group interviews, and a panel session. The assessment centre may be conducted over the course of up to one full day. This assessment day includes case studies, presentations, role-playing exercises, and more.
  • Tests: The Newgen pre-employment aptitude tests are given during the application process as online assessments or written exams. Technical, as well as behavioural and psychological assessments, may be performed.

Newgen Psychometric Test Stage

The psychometric tests are performed in order for employers to assess candidates’ eligibility for the vacant jobs. Online assessments, written exams, and technical and psychological tests may be performed at different times throughout the recruitment process. The SQL assessment involves multiple choice and programming questions which assess basic concept knowledge and query analysis. Additionally, understanding either Java or JSP will assist test-takers for further technical examinations. The Situational Judgement test illustrates likely circumstances and struggles which may arise in the office and rates candidates’ work-related competencies by comparing the competency of their scores against each other. The verbal, numerical, and logical reasoning exams are designed to evaluate applicants’ numerical data inference capabilities, verbal and written comprehension, and rational when making decisions. The cognitive aptitude test measures adaptability, skill acquirement, and problem-solving. The English exam is used to assess general as well as specific language skills such as vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.

Begin preparing to answer the Newgen aptitude questions today.

Newgen Interview Process

When preparing for the Newgen interview questions and answers, you may be asked questions of a technical nature. Giving sufficient answers requires background and skill knowledge of the position being applied for. To do well in your interview, you must ensure that your skills are up to par.

  • How do you add a column in a SQL table?
  • What is inheritance and how does it obtain in Java?
  • What is your aim in life? What are you doing to achieve it?
  • Give a practical example where to use strong weak atomic and non-atomic.


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