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Students attending 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th years in Australia are required to take The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). The reading, writing, and language conventions tests assess various skills that play an important role in a student's academic performance and future college career. Therefore, a student wishing to succeed must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of reading, writing, and grammar.

NAPLAN Writing

The Australian Curriculum focuses on three types of writing: narrative writing, informative writing, and persuasive writing. The NAPLAN asks students to write a response to a writing stimulus (also called a prompt). The NAPLAN assesses students' narrative writing and persuasive writing skills; informative writing skills are not tested by the NAPLAN.

Since 2015, the NAPLAN provides two different writing prompts—one prompt for Years 3 and 5 and another for years 7 and 9. Both prompts address the same text type (narrative or persuasive), but the variation ensures the prompts are more age appropriate. Students may not choose a text type.

NAPLAN Persuasive Writing

Students may approach their NAPLAN persuasive essay task in various ways. One way is to use the five-paragraph argument essay. However, students who find that approach limiting are encouraged to use any variety of styles appropriate for the essay topic. Students are not expected to demonstrate an in-depth understanding about the topic, and they are encouraged to write their opinions while using their personal knowledge and experience as guidance.

If they possess knowledge that is applicable to the topic at hand, they may use it, but they should not feel compelled to fabricate information to support their argument. When writing their essay, students should utilise grammar, punctuation, diction, and persuasive devices to enhance their argument. Read about the NAPLAN persuasive writing marking guide

NAPLAN Narrative Writing

There are various ways to approach the NAPLAN narrative writing assignment. The easiest is to adopt the 'beginning, middle, end' approach, which discusses a simple problem and its solution. A more engaging method of storytelling may include the use of conflict, danger, or tension to create suspense.

Students may use any source of narrative they were exposed to as inspiration, as well as various forms of genres and traditional themes. Students should be encouraged to develop a theme to write a cohesive, engaging narrative with distinct characters and a fitting setting. Read about the NAPLAN narrative writing marking guide here.

NAPLAN Language Conventions

The NAPLAN language conventions test assesses spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The language conventions aspect of the NAPLAN focuses on the tools of the language and their contribution to effective communication. Therefore, comprehension of language conventions is necessary for both reading and writing.

NAPLAN Reading

The NAPLAN reading test measures students' reading comprehension proficiency in English. The test assesses students' knowledge of the English language as well as their ability to interpret and analyse written material. Students are provided with a NAPLAN reading magazine. The magazine contains reading passages written in various writing styles. The students are asked to read the texts provided, and then answer the follow-up questions in a separate booklet.

The texts increase in difficulty and length to provide students with a challenge appropriate for their age.

NAPLAN Literacy Practice Tests – Online

The NAPLAN literacy skills based tests (reading, writing, and language conventions) focus on every aspect of the English language. Therefore, students need to practise extensively to successfully demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of reading, writing, grammar, and punctuation. JobTestPrep's practice packs allow your child to review with NAPLAN practice tests, study guides, and answer explanations. Start preparing today.

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