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JobTestPrep equips you with the resources to help you brace for the online tests, interview, and assessment centre phases involved in the application procedure. Start preparing now for the MTR's aptitude tests and interviews with JobTestPrep.


"The Verbal Practice Tests were very easily understood and boosted my scores greatly!"

Andrew F., candidate for the Sales Graduate position at MTR

Matrigma-Style Tests

Matrigma is a mental ability assessment that tests the exam taker's ability to solve questions and draw conclusions. The test is delivered online and consists of approximately 35 items that must be completed within a 40-minute time limit. Succeeding in the Matrigma test shows your future employer that you possess critical reasoning skills, clear thinking, and advanced learning skills. These qualifications are critical for any position.

MTR Personality Tests

Consistency is very meaningful during a personality assessment test. On personality tests, you could be asked similar questions that are worded in different ways. If you answer these similar questions inconsistently, it will be obvious in your results. Nonetheless, being consistent is not something you need to target, as it is not measured. It is a problem only if you essentially contradict yourself; for example, answering "agree" to "I'm never late" and "I have a tendency to be late to some meeting." During the test, you may come across similar statements but not agree or disagree with all of them; in this case, it is fine to give seemingly contradictory answers. For example, answering "agree" to both "I prefer working with people rather than working alone" and "Sometimes, I need some alone time."

MTR Numerical and Verbal Tests

Depending on the job and profession you are applying for, you usually encounter a pre-hire maths test. This is the most typical type of aptitude test applicants can face. Test takers are gauged on their ability to understand and make decisions based on numerical data. The exam may be administered as part of an online job application, at the job site, or during an interview.

Verbal reasoning psychometric tests are among the most typical assessments candidates confront when applying for a new job. Verbal reasoning is the name given to a range of tests that use written texts to measure your ability to understand, analyse, and interpret information based on language skills.


Online Preparation for the MTR Assessments

Heighten your chances of getting the job you want by preparing with JobTestPrep. We provide job-seekers with the materials necessary to successfully excel throughout the recruitment process. Join us today and gain access to our exclusive practice tests, study guides, interview preparation, and more.


MTR Interview

A panel or structured interview generally begins with an icebreaker type question to relax you prior to additional questions regarding your work history, salary expectations, what you know about the position being offered, etc. This type of interview is quite formal and will usually end in a Q & A with questions you will pose to the interviewer. It is recommended to have several questions prepared regarding information that may not have been covered during the interview and are not easily answered by looking through the company’s website.

MTR Assessment Centre

The MTR assessment day is one or the other, a half day or full day event. Your request to come to the assessment centre will list the types of activities you will have to complete as part of the day. These can be presentations, role-plays, interviews, case studies, and aptitude tests. Besides for the assessment you will also have the opportunity to meet employees of the company and assess the organisational culture. You can learn about what you can expect as an employee and the values of the company.

Can JobTestPrep Help Me Prepare for MTR's Online Tests?

JobTestPrep's thorough preparation package includes hundreds of questions, fully explained answers, and solving tips. Being aware of what to expect in advance will make you feel more confident going into the tests, and practicing before will enable you to get a better score. The application process at MTR is very competitive, so assure that you do everything you can to get the highest scores you can on these tests.

What is MTR Hiring Process Like?

MTR hiring procedure follow patterns that are similar for each type of service, but the exercises you will encounter will rely on the level you are applying to. There are also some differences at each level between technical recruitment and business roles. You can be invited to interviews, to complete aptitude tests, and to attend an assessment centre.

What will I Face in MTR Assessment Centre?

There are many different exercises that you will face during the day. Therefore, it is really important that you get a good night's sleep. Keep in mind that a relaxed state is the best for you. Try to be friendly even if you are nervous. It is often the interaction between candidates and workers that convince the assessors that you are the right choice for the job.

Why Are Assessment Centres a Preferred Method of Evaluation?

Employers have come to understand that a solid CV and interview are simply not enough to assess an applicant’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. However, by putting job candidates through rigorous testing and to perform a range of actives, the hiring manager can gain a much better sense of what of that the applicant is capable of. These tasks can include, group discussions, simulation exercises, case studies, role playing and short presentations. Tweaking a CV or faking your way through an interview is one thing, but either you can pass the test or you can’t.


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