Prepare for Moore Stephens Financial Reasoning Test and Interview

Are you applying for a position with Moore Stephens? The recruitment process contains several steps including the challenging Financial Reasoning Test. Find out more about this test, recruitment in general and prepare with the resources highlighted on this page.
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Moore Stephens use an unusual test, the Mendas Financial Reasoning Test in their graduate recruitment process. This test is just one challenge in an already packed recruitment process. Find out more about the assessments you can expect and how to prepare for them with JobTestPrep’s variety of resources.

Moore Stephens Recruitment Process

The Moore Stephens recruitment process contains several stages. This page looks at the assessments faced by graduate applicants, but other applicants will find sections useful.

Moore Stephens Application Form

The first stage of any recruitment with Moore Stephens is the online application form. Your application form is the way in to the rest of the recruitment process, so you must give a good impression of yourself with the form. When completing the form, ensure that you answer every question carefully and accurately. The application form also asks several supplemental questions looking for more information about who you are, why you have applied to Moore Stephens, and what you have to add to the firm. Plan your answers before adding them to your application form.

Moore Stephens Financial Reasoning Test

Alongside the application form, Moore Stephens graduate applicants are required to take a financial reasoning test by Mendas in order for the Moore Stephens recruitment team to look at your application form. The financial reasoning test is a finance based numerical reasoning test, but unlike other numerical reasoning tests, all questions in this test are based on financial information. In this test you are assessed on how well you can analyse, interpret and use financial information in order to answer questions. This test serves a dual purpose of getting a feeling of both your numerical ability as well as your knowledge and understanding of finance. In order to answer questions you must be able to make the relevant calculations within the time permitted. Sharpen your numerical reasoning skills with our numerical reasoning pack.

Our financial reasoning test practice pack is coming soon. If you are interested in the pack, send us an email through the contact form below and receive a code for a 15% discount against the new product.

Moore Stephens Assessment Centre

If your application form is taken forward, the final stage is a half day assessment centre, packed full of additional assessments. In addition, the assessment centre involves several information and non formal sessions including a presentation about the firm, a tour of the offices and an opportunity to meet current trainees at lunch. The three assessments to prepare ahead of time are:

Financial Reasoning Test

You are required to retake the financial reasoning test that you already took earlier in the process. This is to verify your results from the first test. Don’t forget to revise the test ahead of the assessment centre to ensure you get a similar result the second time around.

Group Exercise

In the group exercise you are put in a team with other applicants at the assessment centre. You are given a topic and information to understand before your team is asked to discuss and work through to a given task. Throughout the discussion you are assessed on your contributions, what you say, how you say it, and how you interact with the other members of the group. Ahead of the assessment centre, think about your approach and your goals for the exercise. Gain tips with our group exercises pages.

Moore Stephens Interview

The interview is a crucial part of any Moore Stephens recruitment process. This behavioural interview takes place with either a manager or partner. Questions in this interview focus on your skills and motivations in applying for a job with Moore Stephens.

Ahead of the interview consider why you are applying for this job and in this speciality. Read up on Moore Stephens, the work they do and clients they serve. Think of examples from your previous experience that showcase your skills and when you have used them. Familiarise yourself with the STAR method and how to answer questions around it. Think up questions for you to ask the interviewer.

Once you have pulled together all your research, practice delivering your answers. A mock interview is a great way of rehearsing your answers and interview technique and getting an idea of how you will fare in the real thing. Our Skype based interviews are carried out by a trained assessor who can give you pointers and advice on your strengths and weaknesses.

In Summary

Once you have completed the assessment centre you stand a good chance of getting a position with Moore Stephens. However in order to get to this stage you must impress at each stage. Going in fully prepared is the best way to create the impression you want to make. Prepare for each stage with the resources highlighted on this page.

Have you been invited to a Moore Stephens recruitment process? Tell us about it in the comments box below, or contact us via the contact form for more information about the Mendas Financial Reasoning Test.

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