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What You'll Get

  • 8 Talent Q-style Aspects & Elements numerical practice tests
  • 8 Talent Q-style Aspects & Elements verbal practice tests
  • 3 Talent Q-style Elements logical practice tests
  • 2 Talent Q-style Aspects combined practice tests
  • 14 next-in-series practice tests
  • 11 matrices practice tests
  • 9 abstract reasoning practice tests
  • 7 odd-one-out practice tests
  • 4 analogies practice tests
  • Personality test
  • 7 assessment centre exercises
  • Interview preparation
  • 24 study guides and video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


This PrepPack™ combines Talent Q-style Aspects & Elements numerical, verbal and logical tests, as well as abstract and personality tests, interview preparation, assessment centre, guides and tutorials.

About Mondelēz

Mondelēz is a multinational food and beverage corporation which produces some of your favourite snacks. While Mondelēz has multiple points of entry for students, only candidates applying to the graduate scheme face aptitude tests in their recruitment process. Other applications for the Mondelēz internships, apprenticeships and school leavers can view the later stages of the process for advice and practice as well.

Mondelēz Online Application

The Mondelēz application is completed online and is your first opportunity to give the company an impression of yourself. You are asked to upload a CV and given a few competency questions such as ‘What skills and experience do you think you will bring to this role?’ and ‘What interests you most about the position?’. You must also supply your work and academic history and any certifications you might have.

Mondelēz Values

When choosing candidates to hire, Mondelēz keeps the company's values in mind, which means you should too. Review the values below and think how you can best include them in your application, interviews and assessments.

  • Inspire trust
  • Act like owners
  • Keep it simple
  • Discuss, decide, deliver
  • Telling it like it is
  • Open and inclusive
  • Lead from the heart and head

Candidates for internships, field sales executives, school leavers and apprenticeships will have the telephone interview immediately following the approval of their application.

Mondelēz Online Aptitude Tests

For graduate scheme candidates whose applications have been successful, the next step in the process is the online aptitude tests. These tests are supplied by the test provider Talent Q and can be taken from the comfort of your home. As Mondelēz receives thousands of applications each year, they use these tests to select the best so make sure you make it onto this list by preparing with practice aptitude tests.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning tests from Mondelēz are an assessment of your skills working with numerical data, not just how well you remember your maths. Each set of questions gives you a table or chart with data that you need to understand and use when answering the multiple choice questions. As you know, practice makes perfect so prepare with the Talent Q-style numerical reasoning tests to get yourself ready.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test you receive from Mondelēz examines your ability to work with verbal information conveyed through short texts. Each text is followed by a few statements and your task is to decide if the statement is true, false, or you cannot say in relation to the text. Find out the tricks to this test with the Talent Q-style verbal reasoning tests.

Inductive Reasoning Test

Mondelēz’s inductive reasoning test is different from numerical or verbal reasoning as it uses shapes and patterns to test you rather than numbers and words. Inductive reasoning is an examination of your ability to draw logical conclusions from the information provided. Your task in the questions is to decide which of the possible answers best completes a pattern or follows the rule. These tests can be very challenging so prepare yourself using the Talent Q-style inductive reasoning tests to give yourself a boost. 

If your performance on the aptitude tests is good, you will be invited to take part in the Modelez telephone interview and assessment centre.


All Mondelēz early career candidates face both the telephone interview and assessment centre. These stages can be daunting if you don’t know what’s coming, but with the right preparation, you can perform confidently and give yourself a better chance of getting that job offer.


Mondelēz Telephone Interview

If Mondelēz likes your application or if you have performed well on the aptitude tests, they will contact you to set up a telephone interview. This stage is used mostly to review your CV and gives you an opportunity to add or elaborate on what you included in it. Make sure that you have a calm, quiet area when speaking to the Mondelēz interviewer and a copy of your CV in front of you.

Mondelēz Assessment Centre

The Mondelēz assessment centre is the final stage of the recruitment process, which means it’s your last chance to impress the recruiters. Even though you have been successful thus far, remember that preparation is still vital. Before the assessment centre, do your research on Mondelēz, the FMCG industry and Mondelez’s brands. Think about the position you are applying for, why you want it and what you can bring to the company. Get a good night’s sleep the night before and dress to impress to ensure you have all the confidence you need.

The Mondelēz assessment centre includes: 

Group Exercise

During the group exercise, your group task is to solve a problem given by the recruiters as a team. The task you are given isn’t necessarily related to your position or field, rather it covers a general topic. In the past, groups have been tasked with developing a new product. Group exercises are an opportunity to showcase that you are an effective, assertive team member who listens to others. It is also important to be creative, showing the recruiters that you can think outside the box.


The presentation at the Mondelēz assessment day is on a topic you are given in advance in order to prepare. The key skills being examined at this stage are your confidence in public speaks and how well you can sell your idea. It’s important to remember to speak concisely and avoid going off topic. You should also be likeable, even when driving a point home, as Mondelēz is more likely to hire someone they like and remember, than someone who gave a boring presentation.

Role Play

The Mondelēz role-play is for graduate scheme candidates. In the role-play, you receive a business challenge that you need to work out in a one-on-one dialogue with a representative from the company. This helps give Mondelēz a good picture of how you would act in a real-life business situation. This exercise is not based on any prior, technical knowledge in order to give all candidates a fair chance.


The interview is the final part of the Mondelēz assessment day and hiring process. Questions in the interview mainly focus on your competencies and the interviewers expect you to provide examples. A good method for planning out your answers is using the STAR method (situation, task, action, result) to make sure you give them everything they are looking for. Before the interview, think of some examples when you have exemplified the Mondelēz values. These examples can be from previous work experience, school, volunteer work, or anywhere else you can think of. Candidates for R&D and chemistry roles can expect more technical questions in their interviews.

Wondering how to prepare for your interview? The interview preparation pack can help you practise answering those hard-hitting questions. 

In Summary

Preparing in advance for the tests, interviews and assessments you will come across while applying to Mondelēz is a sure way to impress and get that job you’re after. This article has outlined how you can do these using materials from the PrepPack™. Good luck!



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