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About the Ministry of Defence Recruitment Process 

The British Ministry of Defence recruitment process assesses candidates for different positions against the Civil Service Competency Framework. Pre-employment screening ensures that candidates possess the skills, knowledge, and behaviours needed to perform job tasks. Depending on the job role, candidates will also be asked to take aptitude tests to determine their verbal and logical reasoning abilities.

Prepare for the Ministry of Defence Recruitment Process

The Ministry of Defence's recruitment process begins with submitting an application of interest. This can be done online, via a recruiter, or through your university if applying for a graduate training position. The complete process takes around 1-3 weeks. If you apply online, you will need to remember to attach the completed application form to the online aptitude tests. Only then can you be contacted to arrange an interview.

Ministry of Defence Application Process

  • Apply directly to MOD's website, via a recruiter, or your university (dependent on the position)
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Telephone Interview
  • In-person Interview

The British Ministry of Defence Psychometric Tests

The British Ministry of Defence Psychometric Tests will most likely take place in an assessment centre and will include tasks, such as briefing, writing and even role play. Bear in mind before coming to test day that the various tasks will advance at a rapid pace to simulate a real day in the office. Here are a couple of test examples you should prepare for during the course of the Ministry of Defence psychometric test

Numerical Reasoning Tests

Measure your ability to interpret and analyse numerical data in the form of charts and graphs. The test is multiple choice and you will need to apply basic mathematical concepts like ratios and percentages to help you choose the correct answer.

Diagrammatic Tests

Use pictures and diagrams to measure conceptual reasoning. There are usually little to no words.You must quickly analyse a series of diagrams and quickly identify the logical rule needed to solve the series. It is typical to have four or five groups of shapes and four or five possible answers. You will have 30 seconds for each question. Find out more about the diagrammatic tests.

British Ministry of Defence Interview Process

After being called to schedule an in-person interview, you will be contacted once more the day before your interview to confirm your attendance. Panel interviews of 3 members are common. Panel members will each ask various questions or probe you to answer competency-based scenarios.

    • How can technology support social media on the battlefield to help share combat information between forces?
    • How do your previous experience and skills apply to this industry?
    • What experience do you have working with people who have a different viewpoint to yours? What did you do?
    • Why do you want this job?

Ministry of Defence Graduate Scheme and Internship

The ministry of defence graduate scheme is recruited on an annual basis and you would require a minimum 2:2 degree with an emphasis on those graduating with degrees in law, finance, politics, engineering and other disciplines aligned with the Ministry of Defence. Moreover, current students might look into the Ministry of Defence Internship, which range from tech, engineering and management opportunities.


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