Metro Bank Customer Service Manager Test Prep

What You'll Get

  • 1 Full Thomas-GIA Diagnostic Test
  • 2 Reasoning Practice Tests
  • 2 Perceptual Speed Practice Tests
  • 2 Numbers Speed and Accuracy Practice Tests
  • 2 Spatial Visualisation Practice Tests
  • 2 Word Meaning Practice Tests
  • 1 Full-Length Thomas-GIA Simulation


Metro Bank customer service manager's recruitment process is rigorous, but with extensive practice, you can improve your chances of being selected to work there as a customer service manager. Start preparing yourself now for the company's aptitude tests, interviews, and assessment centre with JobTestPrep.

Metro Bank Thomas International General Intelligence-Style Tests (GIA)

The GIA is an online test that consists of five different sections:

Reasoning - This section measures your ability to make inferences and draw logical conclusions. You are given a statement describing the relationship between two individuals. You then need to answer a question that refers to this statement.

Perceptual Speed - You are presented with pairs of uppercase and lowercase letters. Your task is to identify the number of pairs in which both letters are the same as quickly as possible.

Number Speed and Accuracy - Each question includes a set of three numbers. You need to pick the number which is furthest away from the middle number out of the three.

Spatial Visualisation - This is a mental-rotation test. In each question, there are two pairs of images rotated a different amount of degrees. You need to identify the pairs in which both images are the same (and not mirrored).

Word Meaning - This is a verbal odd-one-out test. In each question, there are three words, two of which are similar in some way. Your task is to identify the third, unrelated word.


Practice for the Metro Bank Customer Service Manager Assessment Tests

JobTestPrep's generic packs of tests also include detailed study guides and answer keys to allow you to locate your weak points and redouble your efforts to eliminate them. Practicing with our resources will open you the door to a successful career at the company.


Metro Bank Customer Service Manager Hiring Process

The hiring process of Metro Bank's customer service manager position is competitive and selective. It is comprised of online assessment tests (the Thomas GIA test), a telephone interview, and an assessment day, which may include multiple in-person interviews as well as a role play and other activities. Learn more about each of these stages below as well as how we can help you prepare.

  Hiring Process For Customer Service Managers at Metro Bank

Metro Bank Customer Service Manager Application Process

After you have uploaded your CV and cover letter to Metro Bank's website, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire. The questionnaire usually enquires about your working visa status, English language proficiency, education, working experience, and contact details. To screen applicants' documents quicker, the company utilises a SuccessFactors applicant tracking system (ATS). Presenting information on your CV correctly is of paramount importance, when the ATS is used, because the system may accidentally misread your document if it is wrongly structured. Do not take this risk and send your CV to specialists who will make it selectable for the company's phone interview.

Metro Bank Customer Service Manager Tests

JobTestPrep will prepare you for Metro Bank customer service manager pre-employment assessment tests with our practice materials. Studying for these tests is essential to land a job at Metro Bank.

Metro Bank Customer Service Manager Sample Question

Here are questions you may encounter in Metro Bank customer service managers' assessment test:

Metro Bank Customer Service Manager Interview Process

If you manage to successfully pass the online tests, you will be invited to a Metro Bank customer service manager interview. This interview is conducted either face-to-face or by telephone depending on the job for which you have applied. It usually lasts about 45 minutes, with candidates for summer internship and work placement programmes having a shorter interview lasting approximately 20 minutes. Interviews can be the most nerve-wracking part of the process, but preparation is key to helping you stay calm and focused. With the help of our Interview PrepPack, you can ensure a stellar performance during your interview.

Metro Bank Customer Service Face-To-Face Interview

Metro Bank customer service manager in-person interviews are employed in almost all hiring processes, in both final interviews and assessment centres. These interviews serve to measure your abilities which helps your future managers decide if you are suitable for their teams.

Metro Bank Customer Service Manager Video Interview

Depending on the level of your position and your location you can be requested to complete a video interview. This is done by using a software which presents you with questions and then provides you with a given time to record your answers. The questions look at your motivation and competencies. See examples of questions you can encounter below:

  • What qualities do you think the placement will bring out in you?
  • What is the most interesting thing you have learned about Metro Bank from your research?
  • Why have you chosen Metro Bank?

You should prepare notes for yourself to use in the interview. You should consider which of your skills and experiences are the most relevant to this role. Explore JobTestPrep's free guide to interviews PDF for more tips and tools.   

Metro Bank Customer Service Phone Interview

Below is a list of questions that have been asked in a range of Metro Bank interviews in the past during telephone interviews. The exact questions you will face during your interview depend on the position for which you are applying. However, the following sample questions give a good idea of the kind of things Metro Bank is looking for.

  • Why do you want to work at Metro Bank?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  • Talk me through your previous job.

Metro Bank Customer Service Manager Assessment Centre

The Metro Bank assessment day consists of various types of activities all designed to evaluate how you work individually and as part of a team. The recruiter will inform you beforehand about the specific types of activities you will encounter in the assessment centre and if there is any preparation you should do. The types of tasks you should be prepared for are interviews, aptitude tests, group exercises, case studies, and role- plays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Way to Present My Answers in the Metro Bank Interview?

You should impress your interviewer by giving direct, concise, and clear answers to the questions by employing the STAR method; situation, task, action, result

Why Should I Prepare for Metro Bank's Tests?

Practice, practice and more practice. We recommend ensuring that you get the answers right before trying to improve your speed.

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