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About Meiji Yasuda Life

Meiji Yasuda Life is one of Japan's largest life insurers, that offers individual life and annuities, group life and pensions, and investment products.

Why work at Meiji Yasuda Life? Because it is a great and stable workplace.

How to prepare for the Meiji Yasuda Life process?

The hiring process at Meiji Yasuda Life may be different for each position, and change depending on your level of experience and other parameters. Focus on the basic steps detailed below:

  • Application: Apply online, or through a staffing agency.
  • Phone Interview: The HR manager will call you and might ask questions related to your work experience.
  • Onsite Interview(s): There might be several rounds with senior company members such as the HR manager, professional managers, and/ or the CEO.
  • Assessment Centre: If you are invited to an assessment day, you will participate in various tasks during this day, such as group activity and acting out different scenarios. Also, You might be asked to take tests, and have an interview.
  • Exams: You may be asked to take written tests, that help the employers evaluate your suitability for the role you applied for.

Meiji Yasuda Life’s Assessment Tests

The required exams are time-framed, and hence practicing in advance will improve your performance in real time. The tests might be:

  • Numerical reasoning: Evaluates your quantitative thinking.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Assesses your ability to understand, think, and solve problems using concepts framed in words.
  • Logical Test: Measures your ability to evaluate information, attend to detail, and make judgements or decisions. Can consist of diagrammatic, abstract, or inductive reasoning tests.
  • SJT: The Situational judgment test examines your problem-solving skills.
  • Personality: Provides a perspective of your work-related characteristics, behaviour and other relevant aspects.
  • Abstract Reasoning: Evaluates your ability to solve new problems and use logic in new situations.
  • Excel: Examines your level and knowledge in Microsoft Excel.

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Meiji Yasuda Life’s Interview Questions

During the interview, you might be asked questions such as:

  • Why did you apply to this position, and in this company?
  • What do you know about the world of insurance? (And/or more specific questions about insurance.)
  • Walk me through your CV.
  • Tell me about a dilemma you had at your previous job, and how you solved it.
Meiji Yasuda Life Subsidiaries
StanCorp Financial Group MST Insurance Services

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