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About McDonalds's Recruitment Process

McDonald's recruit for shop staff, managers and back-office staff, as well as the McDonald's trainee manager scheme for graduates. Below we will focus on the recruitment process for the trainee manager scheme. Applicants for other McDonald's jobs may also find this page useful.

McDonald's Leadership Behaviours

McDonald's looks for seven key behaviours in its future leaders. You are tested against these behaviours throughout every McDonald's assessment. Make sure that you know what these mean and what they require from you and demonstrate them at every stage of the process.

  • Job fit
  • Teamwork
  • Productivity
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer engagement
  • Personal interaction
  • Influencing and leading others

McDonald's Application Form

The first stage of the recruitment process is a fairly standard application form. The McDonald's application asks for your education and work history. The most difficult part of the application form is six competency questions, based on teamwork, leadership, customer service and career choice. You have 500 words to answer each question, so you have to make sure your answers are clear and to the point. The recruitment team is looking for evidence that you have the skills they are looking for. Provide examples from your previous experience of when you have used these skills and organise your answers around the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to ensure that you get all the information you need in your answers.

Personality Test

Accompanying the application form is the McDonald's personality test. The purpose of this McDonald's aptitude test is to evaluate your personal values and suitability for the role, with a main focus on leadership qualities and the ability to work as part of a team. Ahead of taking the assessment test, you should review the leadership behaviours as well as the company’s values. You may also want to take a practice personality test to familiarise yourself with the types of questions and choices you will get in the test.

McDonald's On-Job Evaluation

If your application and personality test ticks all the recruitment team’s boxes, you are invited to the on-job evaluation. This day of McDonald's assessment tests includes activities in a McDonald’s restaurant covering cleaning, working on tills, managing counters, helping customers and so on. As well as this, you can expect an interview, written exercise and group exercise at the McDonald's assessment centre.

Written Exercise

Following on from the shop floor exercises, the next exercise is a written exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to get a feel for how you express yourself in writing. This exercise can take the form of a response to a letter of complaint from a customer, or other customer-related tasks. Gain tips on how to approach this McDonald's aptitude test with our written exercises practice.

Group Exercise

The group exercise is designed to assess your team working and collaboration abilities. In this exercise, you are given a McDonald's case study brief to read and understand before discussing it in your group. The aim of the discussion is to come to a group conclusion to the problem you are confronting. Examples of McDonald's group exercises include improving the quality of service from staff and increasing sales in the branch with a scenario included in the exercise brief. Group exercises can be tricky as you are being assessed on your contributions and how well you are heard by the other group members without you dominating the discussion. Gain tips and prepare your group discussion strategy with our group exercises pages.


Your final task at the McDonald's on-job evaluation day is an interview with an Operations Manager. In this interview, you will discuss your performance in (and impressions of) the exercises you undertook that day. Ahead of your assessment centre, you may want to think about how you answer questions and the impression you want to create in the interview, which is your first one-on-one interaction with the company. Get some ideas from our free guide to interviews.

McDonald's Interview

You can expect one or more interviews in your McDonald's selection process. The interviews can take place at the McDonald's assessment day, as a final stage, or both. The interview is a competency-based interview, trying to get an impression of your skill level based on your examples on when you have demonstrated the desired leadership skills in your previous experience. The interview also contains questions designed to assess your understanding and commitment to the company and the role.

Ahead of your McDonald's final interview, you should think of examples which fit the leadership behaviours you use to illustrate your answers. Arrange each example around the STAR method so that you can present clear, organised answers. Read up on McDonald's and any recent news they have attracted and sketch out answers to common questions like the ones listed below. As a final piece of preparation, rehearse your interview technique with our interview preparation service.

McDonald's Jobs Interview Questions

Listed below are examples of questions that have been asked at McDonald's interviews in the past. Think about the answers you would give to similar questions if they came up in your interview.

  • What are your career aspirations?
  • What would you expect to be doing in six months time as a McDonald’s trainee manager?
  • What are the biggest challenges you’d expect to find in the role?
  • What aspects of the role do you expect to enjoy the most?
  • Would you bend the rules?

Prepare for McDonald's

The McDonald's Trainee Manager scheme is just one of the many different strands of recruitment at McDonald's, but it is a popular and competitive graduate scheme to get onto. In order to make your way to the job offer at the end of the process, you must stand out at each new assessment. 


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