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What's Included

  • 8 Talent Q-style verbal tests
  • 14 verbal drills
  • 2 TFC drills
  • 2 verbal video tutorials and study guides
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


JobTestPrep wants to turn everyone’s practicing for pre-employment assessment into an easier and more productive experience. With this goal in mind, it has designed a comprehensive Master PrepPack™ that includes the entry, operational, managerial, and graduate levels of the verbal tests, closely approximating to the official Talent Q Aspects Ability and Elements Verbal tests. The main benefit you derive from practicing with our Master PrepPack™ is that you can choose the right level of materials exactly corresponding to the level of the test you will be taking in your company. When you choose the needed level of a test, you will ensure that you will not meet on your examination questions that you will not know how to answer. Nor will you be thrown off balance by the difficulty of tasks.

To make your preparation even easier, JobTestPrep has also added to its Master PrepPack™ video tutorials and study guides. They will enable you to see how well you are progressing while studying; in so doing, you will identify those areas where your knowledge is insufficient. Aware of your weaknesses, you will redouble your efforts to eliminate them before you set a foot in an examination room. Prepare with our Master PrepPack™ and pass your pre-employment Talent Q Verbal Test with confidence and good results. Recruiters in the company for which you are applying will single you out from other job candidates and will make you a wished-for job offer.

What Is the Talent Q Elements Verbal Test?

The Talent Q Elements Verbal Test is a reliable measurement of applicants’ ability to understand written information and evaluate statements related to it. On the test, you will be asked to read several excerpts from a text. These excerpts will appear on the left-hand side of the screen; questions about them will appear on the right. Each of 15 questions will be accompanied by several possible answers from which you will need to choose the right one. Note, however, that there will be cases, when you will need to select not one answer but two. Whether you need to choose one or two answers will always be indicated.

There is a short time limit on this test. You will be given 75 seconds to answer the first question. And you will have only 60 seconds to respond to each subsequent question. To do well on the Talent Q Elements Verbal Test, you will thus need to read the text and answer questions extremely quickly. Practise with JobTestPrep’s comprehensive Master PrepPack™ and increase the accuracy and speed of your reading.   

What Is the Talent Q Aspects Ability Verbal Test?

The Talent Q Aspects Ability Verbal Test estimates how well you understand and analyze verbal information. It also evaluates whether you can draw appropriate conclusions from what you read. The format of the Talent Q Aspects Ability Verbal Test is simple. You will be invited to read several passages of a text that may not be thematically related to the field of your expertise. Then, you will need to answer 12 questions about the text you have just read. This is a multiple-choice test. You will need to select the right answer among several alternatives.

There is also a short time limit on this test. You will be given 75 seconds to answer the first question. For each of the remaining 11 questions you will be given even less time – only 60 seconds. Thus, it will take you about 10 minutes to complete the test. A short time limit is clearly a challenge. Choose JobTestPrep’s Master ParepPack™ and go through a few dry runs with our simulations of the Talent Q Aspects Ability Verbal Test. If you practice before your pre-employment assessment, you will nail your test and will be invited for an interview with your company’s recruiters.


Prepare for Your Talent Q Verbal Tests 

To understand written information is crucial for many roles in many fields of occupation. Companies, therefore, make an effort to measure their prospective employees’ ability to comprehend what they read. They also evaluate whether applicants can draw relevant conclusions from written data. Do not hurt your chances of receiving the long-awaited job offer by flunking your Talent Q Verbal Test. Purchase our Master PrepPack™, and come to your pre-employment assessment well prepared. Our resources will improve your reading comprehension and ensure that you impress your employers with your knowledge and high scores.


JobTestPrep offers comprehensive practice materials combining four levels of Verbal Tests - entry, operational, managerial, and graduate, thereby giving applicants a brilliant opportunity to select a specific level required for the position for which they are competing. Choose the right materials from our Master PrepPack™ and receive high scores on your examination.  

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