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JobTestPrep has an aim to assist job applicants with passing the Saville Verbal Test and getting hired by the company of their choice. To attain this goal, we have modeled our tests on the Saville Verbal Tests, creating different levels of them, from the entry level to the operational, managerial, and graduate ones. The advantage of having all levels put together in one Master PrepPack™ is that job candidates can choose the right level and ensure that they do not have questions that they cannot answer during their examination.

To make their learning process even more productive, we have added to our tests video tutorials and study guides. With their help, job candidates will be able to see how well they are progressing, easily identifying their strong and weak points. When they locate those areas where their knowledge is deficient, they will put forth an effort to turn their weaknesses into strengths and will come to their pre-employment assessment fully prepared. Equip yourself with knowledge provided by our sophisticated resources, receive good scores on your Saville Verbal Test, and in so doing leave a lasting impression on your recruiters.

Saville Verbal Comprehension Test

Saville Verbal Comprehension Test is an estimation of your abilities to understand written information. On the test, you will be given several short passages not necessarily related to your working experience. Most often, these passages will contain information about everyday problems such as safety or product instructions. On the right-hand side of the passage will appear a table with a question related to it and a number of possible answers from which you can choose the right one. When you click on one of the answers, another table with the next question will appear. 

Questions posed on Saville Verbal Comprehension Test will demand your minute attention to the text. You will either be asked to find a synonym to an underlined word or evaluate a truth-value of a statement made about the passage. The test is strictly timed. You should answer questions quickly. Otherwise, you will run out of time before you answer all of them. Try not to linger over a question. Even if you are unsure of the right answer, make an intelligent guess, select one of the given options, and move to another question.

A time limit is definitely a challenge on Saville Verbal Comprehension Test. It is, therefore, essential to get used to the test’s format. Practising with our inclusive resources will familiarize you with the test’s questions and will enhance the speed of your reading and thinking.

Saville Verbal Analysis Practice Test

Saville Verbal Analysis Practice Test measures job candidates’ ability to comprehend and analyze written information. You will be presented with several narrative passages, on the right side of which you will see a table with a question related to what you have just read. Below the question, there will be a list of possible answers to it. Only one answer among them will be correct. Once you choose the correct answer, another question will appear on the right side of the screen.

Questions asked on the test are of different types.

  • You may be asked to evaluate a truth-value of a statement made about the text. Depending on whether you consider the statement right or wrong, you will need to choose either “True” or “Wrong” answer. Note, however, that sometimes there will be not enough information to estimate the validity of the statement. If this is the case, choose the option that says: “Not Possible to Determine.”
  • Apart from estimating a truth-value of statements, you may also need to select a sentence that summarizes the passages most exactly and succinctly. Questions offering you a summary of the text usually estimate if you can understand the gist of the passage rather than focus on its particulars.
  • You may need to answer general questions related to the information you have just read.
  • Other questions draw your attention to details. You may be required to read two passages and make a comparative analysis of arguments developed in them. If both passages discuss the same topic, you may be asked to decide which of them is more critical or, on the contrary, laudatory of certain points they mention.

Saville Verbal Analysis Practice Test has a short time limit. Your task is to complete it as quickly as you can before the time runs out. You will not be given time extension, if you do not answer all 34 questions within 24 minutes. Therefore, lest you fail to stay within time limits, go through several dry runs of JobTestPrep’s practice materials at home and improve your time record. Our comprehensive resources will teach you how to do tasks on the Saville Verbal Analysis Practice Test accurately and quickly.


The Most Efficient Way to Prepare for Your Saville Verbal Tests

Verbal comprehension is a highly important ability required in the majority of professions. Most of the tasks done at work cannot be performed efficiently with poor understanding of written information. To avoid hiring people who will then fail in their jobs, employers insist on testing their prospective employees on verbal comprehension, reasoning, and analysis. Flunking your Saville Verbal tests may cost you a desired position in a new company. Do not jeopardize your chances of being hired by coming to your pre-employment assessment unprepared. Purchase our exclusive Master PrepPack™ and enhance your reading and analytical abilities. With our resources, you will improve the speed of your reading, excel on your examination, and prove to your employers that you have all necessary verbal skills to perform your tasks well.


Prepare for your forthcoming pre-employment assessment with our Master PrepPack™ that includes tests of different levels together with detailed study guides and video tutorials. With our assistance, you will bring your plans to work in a new company to fruition.

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