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What's Included

  • 2019 edition, featuring the most up-to-date practice materials
  • Five PLI-style tests: 50 questions each and a 12-minute time limit
  • Video tutorials and study guides
  • Hundrends of additional abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning questions
  • Timed tests with score reports, answers & solving tips
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


The Maersk PLI tests play a prominent role in the employee selection process and therefore should be prepared for quite intensively. Our practice packs offer just the kind for thorough and efficient practice that is required to succeed on the tests.


Insider Information from One of Our Customers

'Do all the prep test work and individual tests in areas where you are weak. Then you will be fine! Oh and time yourself for every response -that's key. Its about the organization piece too.'

Daniela H., Change Management


Maersk PI assessments are usually made up of 50 questions with an allotted time of 12 minutes. The Maersk questions are a mixture of four different subjects which measure a candidate’s cognitive capacity at an assortment of distinct learning levels. The four different subjects are:

  • Learning ability
  • The ability to adjust to different situations
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Understanding and acting upon specific instructions

Through these subjects and questions, Maersk hiring staff look to assess the candidate’s skills and abilities in Numerical Reasoning, Verbal/Logical Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning. All of which are crucial abilities to possess in such an influential company. Acing the Maersk PLI test can be a challenge, however, if a candidate truly wants to have the best chance at getting a Maersk job, they absolutely need a good score on the assessments. The best way to unleash the maximum potential is through careful and proper preparation. Sign Up with JobTestPrep now and receive study guides and test simulations to help you commence your Maersk career!

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