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What You'll Get

  • Full-length SHL-style verify calculation practice test
  • 6 full-length SHL-style numerical reasoning practice tests - graduate
  • 3 full-length SHL-style verbal analysis practice tests
  • 4 full-length SHL-style verbal reasoning practice tests
  • 2 SHL-style deductive reasoning tests
  • 11 figural SHL-style next in series drills
  • 5 SHL-style checking drills
  • Interview preparation
  • 23 study guides and video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


The following PrepPack™ combines SHL-style deductive, numerical and verbal tests, interview preparation, drills, tutorials and guides.

M&G Investments Hiring Process

There are many different types of jobs on offer at M&G Investments and, therefore, many different possibilities in the application process.

Here is a breakdown:

First, you will apply online; then you will be asked to complete online psychometric assessments, such as SHL tests.

If you pass the tests, you will be contacted for an initial phone screen or video interview by HR and a case study assessment.

After the initial screening, you will be invited to an assessment day, in which you will go through a one-on-one interview with various senior members of the company.

M&G Investments Assessments

It is important to be ready for your online and in-person assessments. M&G Investments uses SHL tests to assess your abilities in numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical reasoning and other reasoning tests. You may also be required to do a personality test. 

M&G Investments Interview

The following are some interview questions you may encounter as part of the hiring process at M&G Investments:

  1. Why do you want to work at M&G Investments?
  2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  3. Tell us about a time when you had a differing opinion from the consensus.
  4. In your opinion, how many people travel through Heathrow Airport each day?

Learn how to answer these and many other interview questions with the interview pack specialised for interviews.


Order and Prepare

Keep in mind that the exams are usually time-limited and composed of multiple-choice questions. Therefore - the more you study in advance, the better. Let this PrepPack™ get you ready for your M&G Investments assessments and interview.


More About M&G Investments

Here you will find more information about M&G Investments and why hundreds of people seek employment with them every year.

What is M&G Investments?

M&G Investments is an investment firm that manages £350 billion of customer assets: bonds, equities, infrastructure, property, alternatives and cash. It was established in 1900, is headquartered in London and has offices in 16 countries.

What kind of jobs does M&G Investments offer?

There are many different job opportunities at M&G Investments. They include, but are not limited to, careers in the following areas:

Developer   Performance Analyst   Personal Assistant Surveyor
Auditor   Master Agreement Manager   Accountant   Portfolio Management Specialist  
Credit Analyst   Team Assistant   Business Analyst Project Manager
Tax Manager Asset Reconciliation Administrator   Client Relationship Manager  Administrator  

Why work at M&G Investments?

M&G Investments employees report a collaborative culture, in addition to career development and training. Employees are given responsibilities from the first day and are supported at all times. M&G Investments offers the following benefits:

Competitive salary Share incentive plan Pension plan Holiday and sick pay
Health care benefits Childcare vouchers Flexible working hours  


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