Lloyds TSB Banking Group Assessment Centre and Aptitude Tests Practice

Are you applying to Lloyds Bank? With numerous opportunities for interns and apprentices, Lloyds bank can be a great place to work but only if you make it through the challenging recruitment process. Find out about the job selection process and how we at JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the online aptitude tests.
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The Lloyds TSB application process is as follows:

Lloyds Banking Group Talent Application Process

In order to get one of the 200 coveted graduate places there is a rigorous application process that you have to go through in order to get that place. The first thing to do is to fill out the online application form where you will get a chance to upload your CV. There are also a few competency questions that are related to the job applied which you will have to answer. The goal of these questions is to filter out those who don't have the drive and ambition to succeed. Moreover, they are also used to assess your suitability to the role applied for. Listed in the job description you will find the key competencies relating to your job. It is recommended that you incorporate these into your answers as well as throughout the entire application process. As well as this, when answering these questions, use the STAR method as this brings your answers to life thus giving you a helpful advantage over those that don’t.

As well as this section of the application form, you will also have to complete a SJT (Situational Judgement Test). These tests are used to assess an individual’s ability to decide on effective ways of handling real life situations, thus evaluating behavioural and managerial skills. Get the complete lowdown of these tests here.

The Lloyds TSB Aptitude Tests

After a successful application, you will be invited to take the Lloyds TSB Numerical Test as well as tests in verbal and inductive reasoning. These tests are provided by SHL, a very well-known testing company.

Lloyds TSB Numerical test – These tests are very popular and are used across many different application processes. They assess an individual's ability to identify trends across a wide range of data and combine statistics from different sources to establish new information patterns. For more information click here.

Verbal reasoning test – This test is used to measure different aspects of critical thinking and reasoning. You will be given a paragraph of information and given a few different possible answers. For more information on these tests, click here.

Inductive reasoning test – These tests assess your ability to draw inferences and understand the relationship between different concepts and ideas. They normally use shapes and diagrams to assess the candidate. For more informationclick here.

Each of these tests is timed and you will have between 20 and 30 minutes to complete them. Without proper practise you will not be able to show your full abilities as they are unique in nature. Let us at JobTestPrep help you along the way with our realistic test portal.

The Lloyds Banking Group Telephone Interview

If you have completed the online tests to their satisfaction, you will be invited to have a Lloyds TSB telephone interview. This is a long interview; it can be as much as an hour in length and is mainly competency based. Some questions that you may be asked are:

  • Why Lloyds?
  • What does TSB stand for?
  • Why do you want this role in particular?
  • What are the challenges facing Lloyds?
  • How have you led a team before?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to make a difficult decision?

Remember to answer these questions in the STAR format that we mentioned earlier as well as keeping in mind all of the main competencies that are involved in the job. It is advisable to prepare notes for this interview and this is in fact where you can have a much easier time of it than in a face to face interview. If you do well enough in this interview, you will be invited to take part in the Lloyds TSB Banking Group Assessment Centre.

Learn more about Interview Preparation >>

The Lloyds TSB Assessment Centre

This section of assessment is designed to be closely related to what you will do on the job in the average working day. To this end all the different activities that you will undertake throughout the day will be related to your chosen field. The activities are:

Case study and presentation  In this section of the assessment, you will be given a series of documents. For example, you may be given different pieces of data, reports, and statistics relating to a subject matter such as different bank products and a marketing campaign for it. You will have 50 minutes to read through this material and analyse it. After this you will be given a big flip-chart to prepare a 10 minute presentation to be given in front of two assessors. After this presentation you will need to answer their questions for another 10 minutes. Be sure of yourself and stand your ground on the decision you've made. Prepare for this exercise and presentation with our case study practice pack.

Group exercise 
 Here you will be with the other candidates and given 20 minutes to read through a 5 page report on a certain topic. You are then given a question and you have to make a decision on the outcome of it together as a group. The goal here is to make sure that you are heard and can produce a result over the course of the time given. Remember to try and incorporate the key competencies as the more you bring them into the conversation the more likely you are to succeed.

The Lloyds TSB interview  This is similar to the Lloyds TSB telephone interview that you have already had. There will be many questions based on the competencies needed for your role. They typically are:

  • Accepting responsibility
  • Commercial awareness
  • Communication
  • Influencing
  • Leadership
  • Numeracy
  • Planning and organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Analysis and decision making
  • Teamwork

In Summary

Lloyds TSB are a popular recruiter, and competition for places is high. You will want to prepare for each stage to ensure that you are one of the lucky people to be offered a place at the end of the process. In this article we have gone through each stage of the application process and highlighted the resources available to help you prepare. We hope you have found this article useful, and good luck.

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