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Start the Lendlease Careers or Lendlease Graduate Preparation

Lendlease is a well sought-after developer, investment manager, and project leader which delivers infrastructure that supports and connects people. Being a Lendlease Graduate means becoming a part of a team and gaining professional experience. The opportunities for growth are endless in any one of the Lendlease jobs.

The Lendlease hiring process includes:

  • Online Application: Vacancies listed for Lendlease jobs as well as for the graduate program is listed online, where candidates can submit their CV and fill out the application form. Applicants will be asked to fill out their details and create a profile.
  • Telephone Interview: If the HR recruiter wishes to go forward with the application, candidates will be contacted via phone and asked to take part in an initial phone interview which will be brief and informative.
  • In-Person Interview: The final interview stage may consist of several face-to-face sessions of interviews with various employers, as well as an assessment centre day. This day entails performing activities, case-studies, and participating in group discussions.
  • Tests: Aptitude tests may be completed online or in-person to provide employers with a more in-depth evaluation of applicants' cognitive abilities and compatibility for the position.

The Lendlease Tests

Pactising for the hiring process with psychometric tests which consists of various aptitude exams, is essential for Lendlease graduates and applicants who hope to attain one of the Lendlease careers. Aptitude tests help assess verbal, abstract, and numerical reasoning abilities and may be used as entrance exams so companies can decide which individuals are the right choice for their work environment. Personality and situational judgment (SJT) assessments may be used to delve into test-takers' character traits and judge whether they will make a positive impact while working with a team.

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Lendlease Interview Questions

The interview process uses a targeted selection of interview technique known as behavioural-based interviews. These questions aim to make candidates express their previous accomplishments and behaviour patterns which are relevant to the role. Below are examples of interview questions:

  • Tell me about a time you were asked something and you didn't know the answer. How did you handle it?
  • Tell me about a time you were working on a project and didn’t have full control and things weren’t working out. What would you have done differently?
  • What was your best accomplishment this year?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Lendlease Subsidiaries
Actus Lend Lease, LLC Lend Lease Trust
Blueco Limited ML Bovis Holdings Limited
Bovis Lend Lease Bau GmbH Mvic Finance 2 Pty Limited
Bovis Lend Lease Holdings Limited Neptune Real Estate, Inc.
Bovis Lend Lease Holdings, Inc. Retirement Alliance Services Pty Ltd.
Bovis Lend Lease Overseas Holdings Limited Sundowner Motor Inns Ltd.
Buderim Gardens Ltd. Syntheo Joint Venture
Civil and Civic The Beaufort Homes Development Group Limited
Greenwich Peninsula NO204B Block B Unit Trust Warrington Retail Limited Partnership

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