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Prepare for Ladbrokes Hiring Process

Founded in 1886, Ladbrokes is a leading betting and gaming brand. They have over 2,700 retail betting shops in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Belgium. Ladbrokes offers a variety of gaming products and betting operations for international sporting events. Ladbrokes has more than 13,000 employees in the UK alone and runs over 2,800 shops. Ladbrokes offers a variety of career opportunities with a range of opportunities. Available jobs may include customer service advisor, cashier, assistant manager and customer service assistant positions.

The Ladbrokes recruitment process is below:

Application: The Ladbrokes application procedure is the first step. Applicants can apply through a recruiter, online, or through a staffing agency. The online application requires that candidates uploading their CV and cover letter.

Telephone Interview: The first interview is performed as a short 15-30 minute phone conversation with an HR representative. Candidates will be asked questions regarding their work background, skills and goals. Applicants should research the job requirements so they can bring up their related work experience and skills.

Tests: Candidates will be asked to partake in the Ladbrokes test process before moving on to the interview stage. These pre-employment tests assess candidates’ compatibility for the jobs based on their cognitive abilities, skills and personality traits.

In-Person Interview: Candidates will be invited to take part in the Ladbrokes interview process. Interviews will be performed by one or more employers. Interviews ask questions to discover how they fit the company’s culture and job role. The Ladbrokes assessment centre is performed over the course of one day and includes group interviews with activities, exercises and case studies.


The Ladbrokes Assessment Test Process

The aptitude testing process can be performed online or as a written test and evaluates one’s capabilities and characteristics. These psychometric exams measure a variety of aptitudes, such as numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning abilities. Each applicant’s scores are considered so that employers can hire the best candidate. The logical exam assesses how one connects images, while the numerical test measures how one solves arithmetical problems. The verbal test evaluates how one answers questions based on the written passages they are given.

Ladbrokes assessments include the Personality exam, which evaluates candidates’ characteristics on an in-depth level. Additionally, the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) assesses one’s behavioural tendencies and leadership skills. The SJT exam predicts how candidates will potentially react to work-related challenges and scenarios, based on their past actions and experiences.

Start Practising for the Ladbrokes test process with JobTestPrep.

Ladbrokes Internship Program

Ladbrokes offers a summer internship and graduate programme for candidates interested in the technology, trading, product, operations, human resources, finance and marketing fields. Ladbrokes summer internships offer interns further insight into their company, helping them develop their skills and abilities. The graduate programme helps students enhance their knowledge and skills in a team setting.


Ladbrokes Interview Questions

The Ladbrokes interview process intends to employ employees who will be the best choice for the job. Interviews can be behavioural, technical and situational. Behavioural interviews assess how one reacts in various situations. These reactions can be based on how they answer questions which ask them to relate their past actions and experiences. Technical interviews are based more on one’s factual knowledge of the job’s requirements and the specific skills intended for the role itself.

Ladbrokes Q & A

Question: How do you handle pressure?

Answer: Answering this question involves, ironically, staying calm and collected. Be honest, keep eye contact, smile and use the STAR method. This method is your key to answering questions clearly. Simply describe the situation, the task, action taken and the end result. You will see how much easier it is for you to give over an answer with confidence. To read more about how to answer this question, check out our blog article called - ‘How Do You Handle Pressure?’

Question: Why did you leave your last job?

Answer: A key to answering this question is to be open about how the decision to ‘leave’ or ‘change’ your job is the right one for you. Discuss specific events that led you to this decision and how the challenges you faced made it a learning experience for you. Be brief, ambitious, positive, specific and don’t be afraid to outline your positive qualities.

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