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What's Included

  • 1 cut-e spatial orientation tests (scales ndb) 
  • 1 cut-e situational behaviour tests (squares) 
  • 4 cut-e verbal ability tests (scales verbal) 
  • 4 cut-e deductive-logical thinking tests (scales lst)
  • 1 cut-e Applied Numeracy test (scales tmt)
  • 11 Additional numerical drills
  • Video interview preparation
  • 7 Study guides and video tutorials

Note: This PrepPack™ does not include the following test sections: spatial reasoning (scales spc and spr), complex control, monitoring ability or multi-tasking.




The following PrepPack™ combines cut-e-style spatial orientation, situational behaviour, verbal ability and applied numeracy drills, guides and tutorials.

Start Practising for the L3 CTS Recruitment Process

Founded in 1928, L3 Commercial Training Solutions (CTS) provides cohesive pilot training and resourcing for their customers in the aviation field. If applicants have no experience with flying, or are trying to complete their flight training, all the L3 CTS Airline Pilot Career Programmes are intended to launch employees’ flying careers. They aspire to train ambitious aviators for excellence and have them prepared to become Co-Pilots with their Airline Partners. They seek to hire excellent staff, who delivers outstanding services and is passionate about learning from the leaders of the industry.

The L3 CTS hiring process can be found below. This process will differ depending on which programme candidates apply for, but will entail online testing, group activities and interviews. Each stage takes place in order to evaluate the skills and cognitive abilities needed for the position.

Online Application: Applicants interested in the full-time L3 CTS employment programmes must pass the application process first. They can browse all vacant L3 CTS career programmes online and complete and submit their online application. Applicants finishing their training are not required to do so, but must complete this process once their training is furthered.

Telephone Interview: The initial interview may take place over the phone as a brief phone conversation with an HR recruiter. Applicants will be asked standard questions regarding their background and have an in-person interview scheduled.

Interview: Applicants will be invited to partake in an assessment centre interview. The afternoon interview takes places as a 30-minute one-on-one meeting. An airline programme may have an airline representative conduct the interview. The interview may have more than one stage with various employers and potential co-workers.

Tests: The selection process varies depending on the programme being applied for. Aspiring pilots are given the ability to showcase their technical and non-technical skills with psychometric entrance exams. This gives employers insight into applicants’ potential in the career.

L3 CTS Aptitude Test Process

The L3 CTS ATPL standard is non-competitive and assesses candidates based on their requirements and not compared to other test-takers. Candidates will usually be required to perform the numerical test, which is a time, mental arithmetic exam, taken on the computer. Applicants are unable to use calculators and can use a pen and paper to write down calculations.

Other pre-employment aptitude tests, such as the verbal and abstract reasoning tests, may be administered as well. Candidates will be expected to take a pilot aptitude test known as 'PILAPT’, which is cultivated to measure the required abilities needed to become a commercial airline pilot. The areas evaluated during PILAPT are candidates’ hand/eye coordination, mechanical reasoning, psychomotor tracking, spatial orientation/awareness, capacity and numerical skills.


Prepare for the L3 CTS Recruitment Process Today

If you purchase this prodcut, you will gain immediate, 24/7, online access to various, excellent materials: Practice tests, guides and more. Get ready today, so you could shine at your assessments tomorrow.


L3 CTS Interview Questions

During the assessment centre, applicants will have to perform various group exercises which allow them to demonstrate their positive qualities and interpersonal skills. These skills encompass situational awareness, communication, leadership, problem-solving and teamwork. Interview group activities are made to inspire conversation and debate between candidates and are based on case-studies and challenging scenarios.

Employers want to get to know applicants better and use their past experiences to gain a better understanding of them. Most L3 CTS interview questions will be technical as well as competency-based. Interviewers will use candidates’ past experiences to determine whether they are suitable for the job. Before the interview, research and communication are key.

Below are some examples of interview questions to practise with:

  • Why would you like to work for L3 CTS?
  • What is the process of designing a system from the customer’s requirement?
  • Discuss a time when a group member didn't behave as they should.
  • How would your teammates or co-workers describe you?


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