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The Kuehne + Nagel Hiring Process

Are you an IT director looking to grow with a new company or a warehouse associate looking to kickstart a career or perhaps looking for a change as sales trainee? Whatever your field or expertise, Kuehne + Nagel has a lot of room for growth, but you first have to get past the gatekeeper. Here is what the hiring process for solutions engineer would look like.

Solutions Engineer Interview & Hiring Process

The hiring process for this position will

  • Telephone Round: The first round can last up to a half an hour. So, if you are expecting a phone call, make sure you are in a quiet place and have a copy of your CV and other notes on hand which can help you answer questions.
  • Face-to-Face Round: The face-to-face interview could last from between a half an hour to up to an hour. Be prepared for a number of technical and behavioral questions. Also, in addition to making sure you can answer technical questions related to your job, also research the industry and company. This will help you wow them.
  • Testing: Aside from preparing to take the Thomas International tests, the Solutions Engineer position will also necessitate taking the advanced Microsoft Excel pre-hire exam. Note that the test usually takes around an hour and you should do your best to familiarise yourself with as many shortcuts as possible.

Jump ahead of the pack and come fully prepared to ace every segment of the Kuehne + Nagel pre-hire process.

Start Practicing!

Interviews and Pre-Hire Tests

We all have a lot of questions before starting a hiring process. Here are a couple questions and answers about the testing and interviews.

What is the primary aim of the Thomas International Exam?

The Thomas GIA Test is less about testing specific subjects and is more oriented towards assessing general intelligence. The aim is to asses how quickly you will be able to adapt, train and meld into your new position. Here are a few things the exam will look at:

  • Logic – how you reason and understand relationships between say, two people.
  • Verbal – if you can discern between meanings and filter out unrelated words and phrases.
  • Speed – can you discern between uppercase and lowercase letters with ease and speed?

In this manner, the hiring manager will successfully gauge how well you will develop and respond to training if you receive your desired job.

What type of questions are included in a personality test?

You may be required to guess how people feel about a particular situation; or you may need to rank your own reaction to specified statements on the scale from 1 to 10, stating whether you agree or disagree with them and how strongly so. The test can contain anywhere from 80-120 questions and will help the interviewer better asses if you have the right temperament for the job.


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