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Klarna Logic Test Quick Facts:

Before getting into the test specifics, let’s start with a brief overview of the exam to get you acquainted:

  • Total Questions – 18
  • Movement Types - 5
  • Time Limit: 15

The Klarna Logical Reasoning Test is a version of the logical next in series test that looks at soft-skills like information evaluation, snap judgment calls, and attention to nitty-gritty details. As the old saying goes, the devil is in the details.

Instead of facing familiar verbal, written, or mathematical questions that accompanies most pre-hire tests, you will be tasked with searching for the logical patterns contained within shape sequences, and then completing them in a “next in series” format.

Your Pre-Klarna Logic Test Study Guide

Let’s briefly review some of the terms you will need to know and provide some context into the test break down.

Kattis Logical Reasoning Test Terms

Here are two key terms you should get familiar with or you will not understand what the question is asking of you.

Shape: When you see the term “shape” you have to look out for individual circles and squares, which will be presented in black.

Figure: A figure is more expansive than shape because it represents the combination of a number of shapes to create a larger figure.

Figure:  A figure is more expansive than shape because it represents the combination of a number of shapes to create a larger figure.

Klarna Online Logical Thinking Test Question Types:

There are 5 primary types of “movements” upon which the questions on the text are based. Here are brief explanations of each question type, which will be followed by a couple of test examples.

Rotation:  While the rotation can go either clockwise or counterclockwise, it is important to note that may relate to the figures, the entire frame or sometimes both.

Encirclement: Shapes will exist on end and come back on its polar opposite, thus encircling from behind.

Growing or diminishing in motion: No matter which direction the Figure is moving its included shapes either grows or diminishes.

Snake: The figures move throughout the frame just the game we play on our smartphones.

Merging and Dividing: Multiple black shapes merging become white, while at separation restore to black.

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Klarna Logic Test Sample Questions:

Question 1:

Klarna Online Logical Thinking Test



The correct answer is (D).

In this series, a diagonal composed of small squares is filled in each frame, alternating between gray and black colors.
The filling starts at the top-left square and goes downwards (diagonally). Since the last diagonal line filled in was gray,
the answer will contain one additional black diagonal row.
Following this pattern, the next frame should be the one in answer-option (D).

Question 2:



klarna logic
Klarna Online Logical Thinking Test

Klarna Kattis Logic Test PrepPack:

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