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JobTestPrep has a mission to help applicants with their pre-employment assessment.We have thoroughly researched on tests administered to job candidates by the KFC and developed close simulations of them, thereby enabling applicants to familiarize themselves with questions and tasks that they will meet on their examination. With us, applicants may prepare to their employment assessment and track their progress while practicing with the help of our lucid study guides and answer keys. Because we want to extend our assistance beyond the examination stage of the KFC’s hiring process, we have also added to our exclusive PrepPack™ a specifically designed interview preparation kit. Our interview materials will instill confidence in you and will allow you to create the most favorable impression on the KFC’s recruiters during your final face-to-face interview.

Start Your KFC Hiring Process Preparations Today!

KFC Pre-Hire Tests

The hiring process will likely include a variety of tests to insure your competency. Our study materials include test information, practice tests, detailed answer explanations, score reports, and more. Start preparing for your test(s) today to ensure your success.

Talent Q Elements and Aspects

  • There are two main sets of Talent Q tests. The higher level is known as Talent Q Elements. There are three different tests in this section, verbal, numerical, and logical. Although they can be split up depending on the wish on the employer, in general, they are administered together.
  • In the lower level of tests, known as Talent Q Aspects, there is no logical reasoning test but rather a checking test as well as the verbal and numerical tests. In both Elements and Aspects you only have a short time period to complete the tests, typically about 10 minutes.

Cognitive Ability Test

  • Cognitive abilities are an important aspect for many professions and more employers are administering cognitive assessment tests during their hiring process. Prepare for cognitive ability tests and assessments with JobTestPrep's resources. /li>

CEB SHL Personnel Battery Test

  • One of the most thorough tests administered by SHL is the personnel test battery, the SHL PTB. This is the test of choice for employers wishing to hire people who will be working in positions like secretarial and word processing jobs as well as warehouse workers.

KFC Graduates

If you are right out of college and want to take charge of your career and learn everything there is to know about running a bussiness than the KFC Gradute Schemes could be a great start:

  • Months 0-5: This is all about learning the fundamentals of the business how to work the kicthen and every apsect of it, burgers, fries and the world class KFC chicken.
  • Months 6-18: You will now grow into a team leader and will devlve into the financial side of the busiess. There is a lot of couching so you can move from assistant manager to the primary manager and eventually open your own chain.


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