If you are thinking of applying for a JP Morgan banker position, you will have to take a personality test. Exam preparation is key to achieving successful test results. JobTestPrep provides not only customized JP Morgan practice tests, but also an in-depth analysis of JP Morgan internship test questions, along with essential test tips.

JP Morgan Banker Hiring Process

The JP Morgan hiring process for banker consists of several stages. Applicants may be tested on CEB-SHL style numerical skills, verbal reasoning, inductive/logical reasoning, technical knowledge, situational judgment, Excel, and writing. Because of the company's competitive nature, it is important to to be prepared for every stage of the application process. To guide you in your preparation, JobTestPrep has composed a variety of practice materials, focusing on several tests you will be required to take during your JP Morgan banker hiring process.

JP Morgan Banker Online Tests

The JP Morgan banker hiring process consists of a number of tests: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, inductive reasoning, situational judgement test (SJT), the Excel test, and an assessment centre. Preparation for these tests is included in our JP Morgan Banker PrepPack.

Numerical Test

The JP Morgan numerical reasoning test assesses your ability to analyse numerical data in the shape of a graphs, tables or charts, and use the information provided to answer questions. You may use a calculator in this test, which if used properly, can save you valuable time during the test. If you haven’t done these types of calculations before, however, you may end up losing time trying to come to an answer that looks right. Review how to use a calculator in a numerical reasoning test with our online guide to using calculators. In the JP Morgan test, you have 18 to 25 questions to answer in 20 to 25 minutes. You will need to do well in these tests, and, as with anything, practice makes perfect. Fortunately, JobTestPrep’s specially developed JP Morgan Banker PrepPack includes preparation for this test.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Some positions at JP Morgan require you to take an online verbal reasoning test. These tests measure a variety of skills, including language abilities and different aspects of critical thinking and reasoning. Advanced critical thinking tests can be based on rigorous logic patterns which may seem intimidating at first. Enough practice in their methods, however, can increase your confidence. With the JobTestPrep's JP Morgan Banker PrepPack, you will be able to practice as much as you feel necessary. Start now!

Inductive Reasoning Test

The next assessment you may come across is the JP Morgan inductive reasoning test. This test assesses your ability to understand unfamiliar information and use your lateral thinking skills to find solutions to complex problems without using words or numbers. You will be presented with a variety of different shapes and matrices that have a particular logical pattern running through them. You will have to discern what the pattern is and use this information to choose the correct option from the possible answers.

Situational Judgement Test

In this stage of testing, some recruiting managers may require you to take a situational judgement test (SJT). SJTs examine your responses to situations that may come up in the workplace. The tests are usually workplace specific. In this test, you are given a hypothetical scenario and a list of possible resolutions. You are asked to choose the best and worst options. You can prepare for the situational judgement test by taking practice tests and putting yourself into “work mode” whilst answering the questions. Put yourself in the head of a JP Morgan employee by reading up on the key traits they are looking for. Practise situational judgement tests with JobTestPrep’s JP Morgan Banker PrepPack.

The Excel Kenexa Prove It Test

This test requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of the Excel program. You will be performing such tasks as formatting, editing, inserting rows and columns, using auto-fill, adding and subtracting values, and entering data, among others. It may take up to 40 minutes to complete the test.

Tailored Tests for You

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JP Morgan Assessment Centre

The JP Morgan assessment centre puts candidates through various in-person tests and exercises in a simulated business environment. Exercises can vary, but the most common ones are detailed below:

CEB SHL Fast Track Test

This test requires candidates to discern a logical pattern flowing through a series of flashcards and is similar both the inductive reasoning and numerical tests discussed above.

Case Study/Role Play

The assessors will be evaluating both your problem-solving abilities and your communication skills here. You will be given a business case study describing a commonly seen project at JP Morgan. Your job will be to analyse the project within a limited time span, usually 30 minutes, and to prepare a short 10-minute presentation outlining your thoughts and solutions. After your presentation, be sure to expect questions from the assessors. We recommend that you practise your public speaking skills. Enhance your preparation with our online case study practice package and our pages offering roleplaying tips.

Group Exercise

Here the interviewers— or facilitators as they may be called— will assess whether you can work effectively in a team and whether you have the appropriate leadership skills required to drive a project. In this exercise, you will typically be given a handout sheet outlining a problem along with a set of data. Your task will be to analyse the information with your teammates and come up with solutions. Enhance your understanding of this type of exercise with our full-length practice tests here.

Written Exercise

Applicants to banker positions, in particular, can expect a written exercise. In this exercise, which also focuses on a case study, you are asked to develop the result from the group exercise further by answering a series of questions. You then discuss your written answers with an assessor. Depending on the intended audience of your written piece, you may need to adapt your style. Looking at the different styles available to you in advance will help you improve the quality of your answers, and improve your confidence when you come to present your findings. JobTestPrep’s written exercises pages offer guidance on how to approach a variety of written exercises. The questions you can expect to discuss cover the following points: Do you think you showed any leadership? What was your contribution? Did you correct anyone? Have you ever had a similar experience?

JP Morgan Banker Hiring Process

JP Morgan's hiring process consists of a few stages. After submitting an initial application and completing the online tests, you will be invited to one or more interviews described below.

JP Morgan Interview Process

Competency-Based Interview

Once you've reached the interviewing stage, you will likely encounter a competency-based interview, comprising standard competency-based questions. Be sure to research JP Morgan's company values in order to understand which competencies to focus on while answering interview questions. It is useful to use the STAR method to answer competency-based questions, in which you describe your ability to demonstrate the given competency through your past experience.

Web Interview

After you have submitted your CV online, you will be invited to take a web interview consisting of seven or eight questions. The questions will pop up on the screen and you will have around 30 seconds to read them. You will then have 3 minutes to record your answers. To help you feel more confident while recording your answers, you will have a few practice questions prior to the actual interview. Alternatively, you may have a phone interview with a Human Resources representative who will ask you about your education and working experience.

JP Morgan Banker Frequently Asked Questions

For which positions does the JP Morgan Banker PrepPack prepare me?

Our PrepPack is designed to prepare you for any JP Morgan banker position you may be interested in.

How can I best prepare for the JP Morgan Banker interview?

To best prepare for the JP Morgan banker interview, be sure to practise answering competency-based interview questions using the STAR Method (Situation, Task, Action, Result). It is also important to get a good night's sleep, to appear presentable, and, most importantly, to stay confident.

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What's Included

  • 42 Abstract and inductive reasoning tests, with questions of visual analogies, series, odd one out and more.
  • 45 Numerical tests and drills with mathematical questions in varying subjects, such as percentages, ratios, word problems and much more.
  • 31 Verbal reasoning, analysis, and application tests, which cover True/False/Cannot Say questions, sentence completion, multiple choice questions, and more.
  • 21 Assessment centre preparation tests, including case study exercises, in-tray exercises, and group and role-playing exercises.
  • A Video excel tutorial, as well as an Excel practice test
  • 4 Situational judgement tests
  • 2 Interview guides + video tutorial + interview preparation
  • 6 Study guides for different subjects, as well as 14 Video Tutorials