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If you are considering applying for a JP Morgan analyst or operational analyst position, you should expect to complete a personality test and further CEB SHL aptitude tests. Exam preparation is crucial to achieving positive test marks. JobTestPrep provides not only tailored JP Morgan practice tests, but also a thorough analysis of JP Morgan analyst test questions, along with vital test tips.


Tailored CEB SHL-Style Tests for JP Morgan's Analyst Position

Get customised practice tests that mirror the content of JP Morgan's tests. Our practice packs offer a time-efficient and accurate preparation which includes full-length tests, tutorials, score reports, score reports, and PDF guides. Startpractising now and receive your JP Morgan Analyst role.


JP Morgan CEB SHL-Style Numerical Reasoning Tests

As a candidate for an analyst position at JP Morgan, you are expected to complete a CEB SHL-Style Numerical Reasoning Test in 25-35 minutes. This assessment requires you to demonstrate your ability to work with numerical data presented in the form of graph or table. To answer the multiple choice questions you should be comfortable with basic mathematical arithmetics. Your results will be compared to those of other candidates and only top scoring applicants will continue the application process. JobTetsPrep offers you CEB SHL-style numerical reasoning practice tests along with score reports, study guides and explanations to help you improve and achieve your best performance.

JP Morgan CEB SHL-Style Verbal Reasoning Tests

As part of JP Morgan's hiring process, you should demonstrate your ability to work with written information. You will receive passages of texts (often work related) and based on the read information you should select the appropriate answer from the multiple-choices. Take advantage of JobTetsPreps CEB SHL verbal reasoning practice tests and further resources such as explanations, tips, and tools to master this assessment. 

JP Morgan CEB SHL-Style Logical Reasoning Tests

CEB SHL Logical or Inductive reasoning tests are non-verbal tests, presenting you with a series of diagrams. By identifying the logical relationship between the diagrams you can select the diagram that is missing or would complete the series. Practising and familiarising yourself with the nature of this test with JobTestPrep gives you a real advantage to successfully pass the assessment. 

JP Morgan Analyst/Operational Analyst Hiring Process

The JP Morgan recruitment process for analysts or operational analysts has different stages. By submitting your application, you will enter JP Morgan Analyst hiring process. Candidates are evaluated based on their verbal reasoning, numerical skills, inductive/logical reasoning, situational judgment, technical knowledge, writing and Excel. You should also be prepared for the competency-based interview and the final stage of the hiring process, the assessment centre. JobTestPrep offers you the resources to beat your competition and land your desired position.


JobTestPrep is not a part of JP Morgan, CEB, and/or SHL and is not related to them in any way. JobTestPrep offers preparation services for psychometric tests.

What's Included

  • 42 Abstract and inductive reasoning tests, with questions of visual analogies, series, odd one out and more.
  • 45 Numerical tests and drills with mathematical questions in varying subjects, such as percentages, ratios, word problems and much more.
  • 31 Verbal reasoning, analysis, and application tests, which cover True/False/Cannot Say questions, sentence completion, multiple choice questions, and more.
  • 21 Assessment center preparation tests, including case study exercises, in-tray exercises, and group and role-playing exercises.
  • 3 Situational judgment tests
  • 2 Interview guides + video tutorial + interview preparation
  • 6 Study guides for different subjects, as well as 14 video tutorials


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