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Jet2 ground operations is comprised of baggage handlers, drivers, customer service personnel and machine operators. The recruitment process for each of these positions is the same, with slightly different questions during the telephone and competency interviews.

Jet2 Ground Operations Online Application

The online application is very simple. You need to provide a copy of your CV and a covering letter which should be specific to Jet2. In addition, you need to provide your personal details and background information about your education and careers. You then move on to complete a verbal and numerical test.

Jet2 Ground Operations Online Ability Tests

Once you have submitted your application, you will be asked to complete two ability tests: verbal and numerical reasoning. These tests are provided by the Kenexa company and are designed to make sure you have what it takes to join Jet2 ground operations.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests examine your language skills. The test has 42 multiple choice questions to be answered in 30 minutes. There are a number of different question types:

  • Fill in the blank questions - You are given a sentences with one or two words to fill in from the choices.
  • Similar meaning - You are given 2-3 short sentences describing a scenario and you must choose a sentence which summarizes or has the same meaning as the scenario.
  • True and False questions - You are given a conversation between two people followed by a series of three statements based on the conversation. You need to determine if each of the statements are true or false.
  • Sentence Order - You are given a short story or telephone conversation out of order and must decide which answer puts the text in correct order.

It’s important to keep a cool head during this test so you are able to answer the questions correctly in the time allotted. Familiarise yourself with these questions and sharpen the skills you need with our verbal practice tests.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests assess your maths skills and ability to work quickly with numbers. The Jet2 test has 39 multiple choice questions to answer in 30 minutes. Each question is a word problem and you need to have the ability to use the basic mathematical functions in order to calculate and choose the correct answer. You may use a calculator on this test. There are also pattern questions where you are given a verbal sequence and asked to choose which word does not belong. Preparing yourself with our numerical practice tests can help you avoid getting flustered during the test and allow you to choose your answers with confidence.

Jet2 Telephone Interview

If your application and ability tests come through successfully, you are invited to take part in a telephone interview with Jet2. Beforehand, you will be contacted by the recruitment team with a time and date. Make sure that you are available and can be in a quiet room for the interview. During the interview, the assessor is looking to get a better sense of you and why you have applied for the job. You can expect questions such as “Why have you applied for this position?”, “What do you think this position involves?“, “Do you have any experience in this field?”. Calm your pre-interview jitters by reviewing our free guide to interviews PDF.

Jet2 Assessment Day

If your telephone interview goes well, you will be invited to participate in the Jet2 ground operations assessment day. The day is made up of two stages: a group exercise and a one-on-one competency interview. We detail both of these below.

Jet2 Group Exercise

In the group exercise, the candidates at the centre are divided into small groups. Each group is given a list of work-related situations to work through together. The situations depend on the specific job you have applied for so don’t be nervous that you have to deal with a problem outside of your job. During the exercise, assessors are looking for both your problem solving and teamwork skills. Make sure that you make your voice heard but allow others to speak as well.

Jet2 Interview

The final stage of the recruitment process is a competency based interview with a member of the Jet2 recruitment team. The interviewer is looking to see how you work, what your strengths and weaknesses are. Some examples are:

  • Give an example of a time when you led a team?
  • How do you deal with stressful situations?
  • Give an example of a task you were involved in that required teamwork skills.

The questions also include role specific competencies such as customer service experience and operating machinery. It is advised to use examples to illustrate your answers and you can use the STAR method to help you with structure. 

In Summary

Whether you are applying to be a baggage handler or a customer service agent, the recruitment process for Jet2 ground operations can be a challenge. This article has detailed each of the stages and how to prepare using resources from JobTestPrep. Good luck!

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