The application process for a job, Legal Placement Scheme or Training Contract with Irwin Mitchell can seem arduous when you stand there at the beginning. There are many steps you will have to navigate through before you receive that a job offer. On this page we guide you through every stage of the Irwin Mitchell recruitment process, and provide you with tips and guidance to help you create the best application. For both types of application, the earlier you submit the application form, the earlier you will be considered for the next stage.

Online Application Form

The first stage of the application process is the online application form, which is also your very first opportunity to create a good impression. Ahead of tackling the application form, take a look at our guide to law firm application forms for tips on how to make yours count. As well as the full application form, you can upload two additional documents (your CV should be one of them), and a tailored cover letter. The firm is looking for people who have pursued their interests, can demonstrate their work experience and relate it to their future goals and ambitions. Always make sure that the information on your CV matches the information on the application form. Tailoring your CV and cover letter to each company you apply for can be time consuming and difficult. Here at JobTestPrep we have a package available to help you create the perfect CV for every application.

Irwin Mitchell Telephone Interview

The next stage is a competency based telephone interview, which will also include questions about your rationale for joining Irwin Mitchell and your knowledge of the track you are applying to. The interview will ask you in detail about the information you put on your application form. The questions are aimed to paint a picture of your past experience, both paid and unpaid, and for some questions you may want to use the STAR method where you describe how you addressed a similar situation in the past.

Some tips from Irwin Mitchell for interviews include:

    • You are likely to be asked about the firm, so do your research.
    • Know what is in your application and be prepared to answer questions about the area of law you are looking to go into.
    • Prepare some answers to common career related questions for example: Why law? What skills do you think you will need to become a solicitor?
    • Think about all your experience and skills and how these can be transferred to the role of trainee solicitor. These can be other professional areas, volunteering work, projects and more.
    • Be prepared for the questions to be about anything, read up on anything law related that you see.

There is a lot included in the phone interviews, and performing well in the interview is crucial to moving on to the next stage of the recruitment process. The best way to prepare for an interview, ensuring that you have prepared all the information you need, is with a mock interview. Here at JobTestPrep we offer an interview preparation package to help you prepare.

Irwin Mitchell Assessment Centre

Applicants who have impressed in the telephone interview will attend a half day assessment centre at the office you are applying to. The assessment centre will include a mixture of group and individual exercises, and you will also have the opportunity to meet partners, associates and a member of the HR team. The assessment centre will be an intense, action packed four hours, so don't forget to have a good night's sleep, lay out your clothes and anything else you need to take with you the night before, and make sure you leave plenty of time to get there. The good news is that the assessment centre is likely to be the last stage of your application.

Irwin Mitchell Group Exercise

The group exercise is designed to demonstrate how you work in a team to complete a task. The exercise can be anything from devising a diversity strategy, organising a company event or responding to a graduate recruitment scenario. You will be assessed on both the ideas you put forward, and how you relate to the rest of the team. Getting the right balance in a group exercise can be difficult, but see how JobTestPrep can help you perform to your highest level, by following the link here.

Irwin Mitchell Instruction Taking Exercise

The instruction taking exercise is based around real life scenarios which you may encounter as a trainee, and will measure how you address them. You will be tested on your approach to this problem, and how you look for a solution. The examiners are not necessarily looking for a right answer, but your thought processes in getting there. The type of scenarios you have can be office related or client related, and will also be based on the track you are applying to.

It is not easy to prepare for an exact scenario, but it can be helpful to practice your responses to real life situations, whilst using your understanding of what the company is looking for.

See how we can help you improve your situational judgment test here.

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Test

The Watson-Glaser critical thinking test is a way for your potential employers to measure your critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills, and to predict whether you will be successful in your job. Read more about the Watson-Glaser test, and access our practice pack.

Irwin Mitchell Face-to-Face Interview

The interview will be with a member of the Irwin Mitchell team you will be working for. The interview is an opportunity for the company to ask you more about you and your experiences. As well as taking into account the areas of questions for the telephone interview, questions in this interview may also look at how you work, asking you for examples of when you have worked effectively in a team, or how you have managed working with someone who is challenging. Answers do not need to be business related, so don't be afraid to think outside of the box. To get in that all important real life interview practice, see JobTestPrep's interview preparation package.


Irwin Mitchell is the largest full service law firm in the UK, with several offices around the country. Applicants apply to either the Personal Legal Services division or the Business Legal Services division. The firm was the first law firm in the UK to adopt an alternative business structure (ABS).

The application process with Irwin Mitchell is designed to test you in many different ways, and asks you to navigate a number of different stages. Applicants for the Training Contract who are already on the Legal Placement Scheme will still have a final partner interview at the end of your time with the company. Here at JobTestPrep we have gathered together all the materials you need to gain that all important job. We hope you have found this page useful. Good luck.