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Ince & Co Application Process

The Ince & Co. recruitment process is long and testing. It is designed this way to ensure that the firm identifies the best candidates. You will have to pass through a number of stages, each one testing your skills in a new way, before you receive a job offer. The first stage is the application made via the Ince & Co online system, this is followed by a cover letter which is of great importance to the Ince & Co recruitment team. It is recommended that you fully explain your motivations for joining law, specifically Ince & Co. If the staff is interested after the cover letter, an invitation will be sent to take the Ince & Co online Watson Glaser assessment, a critical thinking psychometric test. If they are still interested, you will be invited to the Ince & Co interview day, where depending on the position applied to, you will be conducting a number of interviews which are all covered by JobTestPrep's Interview PrepPackTM.  Shortly after this day, Ince & Co staff will be in contact in order to give an offer, or feedback.  We are focusing on the graduate training scheme application process as it is the most exhaustive. However, other Ince & Co applicants will find the process is similar, therefore the preparation will be very useful.

Ince & Co. Online Application Form

The online application form is your first opportunity to impress the Ince & Co recruitment team. The most important part of the application both for you and for the recruiters is the cover letter. It is your opportunity to put forward your case; why you want to become a lawyer, and why you want to work with Ince & Co. in particular. The cover letter should not include any information available elsewhere on the form. It is recommended that you research the firm and the unique position it fills before starting to fill in the form. Before you start your form, get some pointers on how to approach it with our series of law firm application form blog entries. The cover letter is your chance to sell yourself to the firm, which can be a daunting task. 


Come Prepared for the Ince & Co Pre-Employment Assessments

The Ince & CO Watson Glaser test can be somewhat challenging. Our comprehensive PrepPacks™ will help you familiarise yourself with the Ince & Co test format, the Ince & Co interview questions and the Ince & Co Assessment Centre. As well as the method to respond appropriately, so as to get a step closer to full time Ince & Co employment.


Ince & Co. Watson Glaser Test

The next stage of the Ince & Co application process is the Watson Glaser online critical thinking test. The Watson Glaser is aims to test your ability to take a piece of information in front of you question it critically. There are five areas of critical thinking tested in the Watson Glaser test:

  • Your ability to draw inferences.
  • How you recognise assumptions.
  • Your deductive reasoning skills.
  • Your ability to think and interpret information logically.
  • How you evaluate the argument before you.

The Ince & Co Critical Thinking test is looking for a different set of thought processes to other tests usually used in job application processes, and will ask you questions you may never have answered before. Using JobTestPrep’s Watson Glaser practice pack will help you prepare to improve your scores in the real assessment.

Ince & Co. Interview and Assessment Day

If you successfully pass the critical thinking test, you will be invited to a half day Ince & CO interview. This half day includes the interview as well as several tests. 

Ince & Co. Written Exercises

First up on the agenda for the Ince & Co assessment day are two tests designed to test your writing abilities and soft skills. You will take a spelling and grammar quiz, and undertake a letter writing exercise. Take the spelling and grammar test slowly and consider your answers. If you know that you have weaknesses in your spelling and grammar try to revise the correct formats ahead of the session. Practice for the letter writing test is more focused on how to write an effective letter. See how JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the writing tests here.

Ince & Co. In-Tray Exercise

The in-tray exercise is a paper based exercise. You have 15 minutes to prepare before this Ince & Co interview with a partner begins. You are given a list of six emails in your inbox which you are asked to prioritise while explaining your ordering to the Ince & Co staff member. The interviewer will ask you to justify your decisions, and will give you additional information, which may change your opinions. The in tray exercise is designed to test your resolve, your logical thinking, and your ability to justify your choices.

Some people say that you cannot rehearse an in-tray exercise, but it has been conclusively proven that practice in advance of any test will mean that you are prepared for the type of task you will have to carry out. See JobTestPrep’s in-tray and e-tray exercise practice pack here, or sign up for the full version.

Ince & Co. Interview Questions

The in-tray exercise is followed by a partner interview. There are either two partners in the interview, or a partner and a member of the recruitment team. The interview opens with the discussion about the in-tray exercise outlined above, designed to examine how you cope under pressure. There are also the more expected interview questions about your CV and motivations for choosing law and Ince & Co in particular. You are notified in advance who the partner or partners in your interview are, so take advantage of this knowledge to research them, their area of practice, and prepare questions to ask them in the interview.

Some past questions in interviews with Ince & Co. include:

  • Why did you chose maritime law?
  • Questions about your thesis.
  • What did you learn on your placement?
  • How do you juggle personal and work commitments?
  • What sports do you do?

As well as the importance of preparing answers that can be used in common and uncommon questions, it is important to gain practice in interviewing in general, answering questions in pressurised conditions, and the overall impression you make. See how JobTestPrep can help you prepare for interviews with our interview preparation package.

Ince & Co. Office Tour

The day ends with a tour of the Ince & Co offices given by a current trainee. Be sure to engage with the trainee, ask for information and in turn ask them questions about their experiences with the firm, and the law they are practising.


Ince & Co’s Subsidiaries
Ince & Co Singapore LLP Ince & Co Germany Llp Ince Al Jallaf & Co Schwenke & Partner


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