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What Is the Hospitality and Travel Industry?

Belonging to the service industry, the Hospitality and Travel Sector is as a broad category as the Food and Restaurant Industry. Yet it is much more profitable: last year, global travel industry’s gross bookings reached $1.6 trillion. This sector is also one of the fasters-growing ones in the world. Since the beginning of the 21st century (not counting only 2 lean years (2018-09) during which the industry suffered considerable losses), the number of international travel departures in the world has increased from 600 million to 1.3 million. Economists predict that the sector’s growth will continue. It is expected to increase by 5%; if the prognosis comes true, the industry will reach a $370 billion by the end of the year. A broad category, the Hospitality and Travel Industry encompasses lodging, transportation, cruise line, event planning, and theme parks, among others.

What Job Opportunities Can You Find in the Hospitality and Tourism?

Job positions available in the Hospitality and Travel Industry are highly various because you can work in its different sectors, ranging form transportation to hosting and events planning. Yet there are some positions that enjoy bigger popularity among applicants than others. The list of job opportunities available in the Hospitality and Travel Sector is presented below in the order of their popularity among job-seekers:

Hotel Staff

When people go on holidays, they pay a particular attention to the quality of their accommodation. Often, for people, the scenery of the new place is less important than the comfort of their lodging. Always in cutthroat competition for customers, hotels, motels, or resorts offer various opportunities to job seekers, especially in the high season. The most valuable quality to have if you want to work in hotels or resorts is to be customer-oriented. Providing excellent customer services and, in so doing, ensuring that your guests come back to your hotel or resort next time when they are on vacation is of paramount importance. And it does not matter, in this regard, what duties you perform in the hotel. As a part of the hotel team, you need to ensure that the hotel’s guests leave for home satisfied and rested. If you are interested in finding a position in the hotel, motel, or resort, you may consider working as receptionist, housekeeper, hotel manager, resort manager, hotel accountant, and security staff.   

Travel Attendants        

The means of reaching a desired destination is as important to travelers as their accommodations. A position of a travel attendant is, therefore, in demand in the Travelling Industry. Yet it becomes even more sought after on luxury cruises, which, in effect, are a combination of good accommodation, tasty cuisine, and entertainment. Job opportunities available in luxury cruise services or airline travel can be found in operation management, logistics, invoicing, or reservations. Other careers that you can enter in the travelling sector are flight attendant, travel security, luggage porter, ship captain, and cruise staff. 

Food Services

The Hospitality and Traveling Industry is closely connected to the Food and Restaurants Sector, because one of the crucial parts of people’s entertainment on holidays is eating. Besides, hospitality, by definition, includes feeding others well. People working in hotels, motels, restaurants, or on luxury cruises do their best to turn meals for their guests into special events. They also ensure that the served food is safe to eat and are expected to observe safety and storage regulations. Skills that job applicants are expected to have while working in the food industry is politeness and multitasking. They also need to think quickly and constructively and be good at decision-making. Staying calm in stressful situations is also a must. For those who prefer working in the kitchen it is also crucial to understand the basics of the culinary art and cook well, if you aspire to be a cook or a chief. Job opportunities available in the Food Sector are the following: chef, cook, or kitchen staff, waiter, catering coordinator, restaurant manager, bar manager, and barman. 

Entertainment Manager

People going on holidays expect to have an unforgettable time. It is true, of course, that some of them escape from a hectic life and want to spend their vacation away from others in peace and tranquility. Yet most of the people want to be entertained and actively shun boredom on their holidays. Entertainment managers have the responsibility to inspirit guests and make them merry. They also ensure that people do not endanger themselves, while reveling. Another responsibility of the entertainment manager is to organize parties and performances, inviting singers, dancers, and DJs to provide amusement and enjoyment to the guests. Among other professions popular in the field of the entertainment are the talent manager, amusement park manager, adventure tour guide, and pit boss.  

Event Manager

Closely related to the profession of the Entertainment Manager is the occupation of the Event Manager. Event Managers usually oversee the planning of large entertainment events. Organizing a large-scale event includes ensuring that all guests are comfortably seated and are eating their preferable meals. Equally important is to check that all appliances required for the smooth running of the event are working and that the event itself is unfolding according to the preplanned schedule. Another responsibility of the event planner is to provide any additional devices if a need for them arises. Alertness and a good eye for detail are indispensable for success in this role. Other occupations involved in the organization of large-scale events are those of the wedding coordinator, conference host, and concert organizer.   

Holiday Counselor

The role of the holiday counselor consists in informing tourists about travel destinations or special offers that can benefit them on their vacations. The responsibilities of holiday counselors also include managing their clients’ travel arrangements; that is, they may be expected to book reservations for their customers, issue necessary documentation, and notify them about changes of their itinerary or any unexpected requirements related to their travel. Professions similar to the role of the holiday counselor are the following: the travel agent, the booking agents, and the tour guide.   

What Is the Hiring Process in the Hospitality and Travel Industry?

  1. Application:You may apply directly to the job of your choice via a company website or through a recruiter. If you are a student, job fairs are an excellent way to learn about open positions and maximize your chances of finding a job.
  2. Assessments: Online psychometric tests are a popular way for employers to evaluate candidates. These include aptitude tests that examine verbal and numerical abilities, as well as personality and situational judgment tests that assess behaviour and attitudes. You can read more about these evaluations below.
  3. Video Interview: Some major hotels chains ask candidates to record a video interview since there are so many candidates for every open position. Usually, you will be given a list of seven questions to which you must record one-minute long answers. Alternatively, this may be an interview with a recruiter or human resources manager over Skype.
  4. Phone Interview: Applicants are often invited to a phone interview with a recruiter before their interview at the company's offices.If you receive a phone call from a recruiter, you can expect questions about your work history, employment goals, your motivation for applying to their company, and relevant skills.
  5. Assessment Centre: Assessment days are common in graduate schemes. These are day-long evaluations in which multiple candidates complete several exercises, such as a presentation, a role-play exercises, interviews, and shorter versions of the psychometric tests that they took at home.

The Verbal Reasoning Test

All occupations in the Hospitality and Travel Industry require applicants to possess good communication skills. They need to understand well any new oral and written information they receive, absorb it, make relevant logical conclusions from it, and then be able to express their ideas to other people. JobTestPrep’s have created close simulations of the Verbal Reasoning Test directed at honing applicants’ understanding and analyzing of written information. By practising with this test, job candidates will improve their verbal reasoning crucial for informative and intelligent communication with other people.

Our Verbal Reasoning Test is accurately modelled on the original test. When applicants practise with our simulations, they, therefore, get a very clear idea of what to expect on their pre-employment assessment. On their test, they will be given a short text that they will need to read very quickly. On the right-hand side of their computer screen, applicants will see a list of statements made about the text they have just perused. Their task will be to estimate the truth-value of these statements in relation to the information given in the text. If a statement is in agreement with the information presented in the text, applicants should evaluate it as “True.” If the statement contradicts the text, they should mark it as “False.” There will also be statements whose truth-value will be impossible to determine due to the insufficiency of the information contained in the text. In these cases, applicants will need to tick them off as “Cannot Say.” The Verbal Reasoning Test has a very short time limit. Applicants need to think very quickly, while reading the text and answering questions. Doing this test correctly and quickly is impossible without preliminary practice. Do not, therefore, neglect the opportunity that JobTestPrep is offering you. Prepare with our resources and excel in your new role in the Hospitality and Travelling Industry.

JobTestPrep makes an all-out effort to create exact test simulations enabling job applicants to pass their pre-hire examinations with success. Purchase our high-quality PrepPack™ and start making people’s vacations qualitatively better and more exciting. 

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