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What's Included

  • 4 full-length Revelian CAT-style practice tests
  • 10 numerical series practice tests
  • 13 vocabulary practice tests
  • 9 word problem practice tests
  • 5 odd-one-out (abstract Reasoning) practice tests
  • Diagnostic test
  • 7 numerical drills
  • 6 video tutorials and a diagnostic guide
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions


This PrepPack™ combines Revelian RCAT-style tests, as well as numerical, verbal, abstract and diagnostic tests, drills, tutorials and guides.

About Honeywell

Being an enormous Fortune 100 conglomerate company employing approximately 130 thousand employees, Honeywell provides multitudinous services - making your necessary research of the company more extensive. In Australia and New Zealand Honeywell is active since 1962, delivering solutions to business, industry and consumers- and, nowadays, provides aerospace, control technologies and more products and services. Honeywell employs over 1,500 workers in 28 offices around Australia and New Zealand. This is important for your interview preparation, where you’ll surely be asked to specify why you applied and what you know about the company, as well as your upcoming entrance exam preparation.

Revelian Tests

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (formerly Onetest), also known as the RCAT, is a 51-question, 20-minute exam that consists of three types of questions: verbal, numerical and logical/abstract reasoning. The questions on the test increase in difficulty as the test taker progresses. There is a broad range of question types and difficulty levels, meaning that this test is used to assess applicants for a wide variety of positions. Please bear in mind that this product refers to the Cognitive Ability Test, not Revelian's game-based test and cognify series. The PrepPack™ offers you Revelian-style exams.

Verbal Questions on the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test

Verbal reasoning tests assess your ability to understand, analyse and interpret information presented to you in the form of a written text. The questions on this test are grounded in your basic language skills. See an example question below:

Are the following two words similar or opposite?



You must select the correct answer. The questions do, however, increase in difficulty level throughout the test, so be prepared. Even if the test seems easy at first, it may not stay this way the more you progress. Your goal on this test is to demonstrate the ability to make sensible, logical decisions using your language skills. Moreover, doing well on the verbal section will prove to an employer that you are able to understand the written information you must deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Numerical Questions

Numerical tests assess your ability to work with numbers in a detailed way. The numerical questions on this test are based on the four basic numerical functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The questions are quite varied, with some looking like Sudoku puzzles (even if they are not at all based on the same rules) and others being presented in sentence form. Whilst the actual skills needed to answer remain fairly constant, the way the questions are presented and how you approach them varies greatly. An example of a numerical reasoning question can be seen below.

In this matrix, identify the missing number as shown by the question mark.


Abstract Reasoning Questions

Abstract reasoning tests assess your ability to think in a more lateral way. These questions present you with a number of different shapes with a logic pattern running through them, generally from left to right. After you have deduced this pattern, you must use it to decide either the missing or next picture or the odd one out. An example of an abstract reasoning question can be seen below. 

Three of the shapes below follow the same pattern. Which two are different?


A comprehensive practice pack has been created here, to aid in your preparation for the required exams. Featuring full-length tests, as well as hundreds of additional questions, this pack offers you the full preparation and skills necessary to succeed on test day. Grab a seat and start working towards your Honeywell employment, with the help of the PrepPack™'s customized test practice, interview preparation and Honeywell pointers.


So, Based on This Information, What Honeywell Tips and Tools Could This Product Give Me?

  • Preparation for an online Honeywell assessment test: Situational Judgment Tests are a well-known and respected evaluation tool, presenting you with a hypothetical scenario at your workplace. While this may seem difficult to anticipate, studying in advance will show that the cases have similar types of challenges in common.
    • Prior Personality Test exposure is also important, as answering from a work-related perspective demands different thinking.
    • For a skill-testing exam, simply access the Honeywell PrepPack™, which includes all the relevant topics mentioned above, complete with full answer guides. 
  • Interview Preparation: The automated and filmed version requires extra care with body language, while the only tool your phone interviewers can rely on to assess you is your tone and verbal abilities. In both cases, make sure a quiet and comfortable environment is available. Face-to-face encounters will combine these and demand more explanations and self-introduction. However, above all, having deliberated on similar Honeywell interview questions at home, you will undoubtedly come up with the best answers reflecting your strengths and personality. Use this product's Interview Training tools and boost your confidence.

What Does It Take to Ace Revelian's Cognitive Ability Test?

The test measures three areas of candidates' cognitive ability, covering most question types used in the world of pre-employment testing: numerical, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Within each area, multiple question types are found, such as numerical series, word analogies, deductive reasoning test questions and more. This test also checks English proficiency and vocabulary, deductive reasoning skills, as well as the ability to identify rules and patterns in visual data. The candidate's ability to work under stress is also assessed by providing very little time to complete the test (51 questions in 20 minutes).

Why Should You Practise for Revelian Tests?

  • Practising switching quickly and repeatedly between question types and thinking styles is proven to improve response times, which helps reach full potential.
  • The test allows only 23 seconds per question on average! To an untrained eye, this might be translated into confusion and frustration.
  • Your score is evaluated against other candidates who are aiming for the same type of jobs and positions. You can gain a relative advantage over other candidates by practising in advance.
  • According to the official Revelian website, 98% of candidates do not even get close to completing all test items within the time allotted. However, there are still 2% who do, which implies that there is room for improvement for any candidate.

Who Uses Revelian Tests?

Below is a table of the most popular companies, organisations and job positions, that require candidates to successfully pass Revelian tests. Outscore the competition with the offered PrepPacks™ and ensure your success today.

Company & Profession  Position(s)
NSW Firefighter, paramedic, police officer 
KPMG  Graduate and vacation scheme, consultant, economist
AFP Officer, special agent, graduate scheme 
APRA Analyst, manager, graduate scheme
Shell IT manager, vacation & graduate scheme
PwC  Accountant 
Vodafone Graduate programme
IBM Software developer & quality manager 
Chevron  Graduate programme
Deloitte Finance manager & advisor
Telstra Product manager, executive, IT
BHP Billiton Product manager
Australian Government Graduate programme, service officer
Education Director, analyst, media manager

It's important to note that while these companies are known to use Revelian tests, they may also require candidates to take other assessments, sit for interviews, or participate in group exercises.


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