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Hitachi Data Systems Graduate Programme

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are a recent graduate, then the Hitachi Data Systems Graduate Programme may be the place for you. You will gain tremendous experience in an ever-evolving professional environment while gaining important contacts in the industry, but here are a couple things you should know about the Programme.

  • Advanced training to solve complex issues surrounding product development.
  • Extensive sales experience in a wide range of industries and sectors.


To excel for the entry Hitachi Data Systems Tests you will have to prepare, for example, the Inductive reasoning test, which tests your abilities to follow specific sets of rules, while utilising critical thinking.

Hitachi Data Systems Intern Programme

The Hitachi Data Systems Intern Programme is for those currently attending technical colleges and universities, including system engineers, business majors, IT students and computer science majors who want to get real-world experience. You will receive:

  • Amazing training
  • Plethora experience in various Job Ops
  • Meet movers and shakers of the industry


After filling out the online application, you will receive a screening phone call. If you are a potential fit, you will be then called in for a sit-down interview and only then will the company decide if to accept you into the Hitachi Data Systems Intern Programme.

Hitachi Data Systems Interview Questions

Before revving up your CV, it is also important to take time to review possible questions that might be asked throughout the course of your interview process. We would like to provide you with some insight into questions that you should be preparing to answer. Keep in mind that the Hitachi Data Systems Recruitment process can take up to four weeks and will include a screening calls, several face to face and tests as well. Patience is important.

  • Q: Can you identify and explain how to use these data structures?
  • Q: Can you demonstrate how to use OOP for the purpose of constructing an application?
  • Q: Can you identify a duplicate within an array?
  • Q: Explain the Fibonacci sequence?
  • Q: Explain a binary search tree and find the successor of a given key?
  • Q: Explain a binary search tree and find the successor of a given key?
  • Q: Have you ever disagreed with your manager and why?
  • Q: Why will you be successful in this position?
  • Q: Without arithmetic operators, can you add integers?

With JobTestPrep at your side, the Hitachi Data Systems Recruitment process will be as easy as ever. Start practising now!


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