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About the Hilton Worldwide PrepPack

If you are focused on starting your Hilton career you should ensure you have done all the necessary preparation to enter the Hilton hiring process. As part of the Hilton recruitment process you will encounter various assessments, such as the Hilton video interview, phone interview, in-person interview, and aptitude tests. JobTestPrep designed a comprehensive PrepPack to help you get ready for the challenges ahead of you. Start practising with us to receive the Hilton job you want.

Hilton Worldwide CEB SHL-Style Reasoning Tests

In the Hilton numerical test, answering the questions often requires you to demonstrate basic math aptitude and to perform calculations like fractions, percentages, ratios, and conversions. Numerical tests are the most frequently employed aptitude tests you can come across during recruitment processes.

In the CEB SHL verbal test answering questions will require you to quickly evaluate whether a statement is true, false, or indeterminable based. Verbal reasoning tests focus on drawing logical conclusions from verbal information. These tests automatically assume you understand the meanings of the words and phrases used in the text.

Logical reasoning tests measure your ability to attend to detail, evaluate information and make judgements/decisions. The questions often require you to identify patterns of rules in diagrams. It is a test that can be used to check performance and ability for all positions from graduates and managers to executives.

Hilton Worldwide Occupational Personality Questionnaire-Style Tests

The Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) assessment was created to provide organizations with an understanding of how aspects of a candidate's behavioural style will impact his or her performance at work.


Practice for the Hilton Worldwide Recruitment Process, Interview, and Tests

If you want to outshine other job applicants and become shortlisted for the interview, you should make an effort to get ready for your pre-employment assessment. To prepare for it most efficiently, you are welcome to practice with JobTestPrep’s comprehensive resources containing tests, drills, study guides, and answer keys. Helped by our materials, you will easily rise above your competitors.


Hilton Worldwide Interview

Hilton Video Interview

This type of interview is usually the first stage in the Hilton hiring process. The Hilton video interview means that you will have to record your answers. Once you open the questions you will have 30 seconds to prepare your answer. It is important you are prepared for this interview as you cannot record your answers multiple times.

Hilton Phone Interview

If you have impressed Hilton in your video interview, you will receive a phone call from a recruiter. This interview tends to be more of an informational interview. However, you should not forget it is part of the Hilton hiring process and therefore, you will be assessed by work-related questions. You will learn more about the position and the company. It is also your chance you ask insightful questions.

Hilton In-Person Interview

The final stage of the interview process is Hilton meeting you in person. You should be able to clearly explain your relevance for the position by giving examples from past experiences.

Hilton Interview Questions

The Hilton interview questions can be both general and profession specific. They would like to get to know you as a person but also to ensure you are able to take care of your duties.

  • Walk me through your resume.
  • Why Hilton?
  • Does GPA matter when assessing a potential candidate?
  • What are the most important qualities of an administrator?
  • Tell me about a time there was a lot of pressure at work - how did you handle the situation?
  • If you and your friends were at an amusement park and just got off the ride, and no one knew where to go next, what would you do?

Hilton Interview Weekend / Assessment Centre

The assessment day is designed to assess candidates in all aspects. This means the recruiters will look at your competencies, your social skills, and how well you work alone as well as part of a team. Our PrepPack contains the materials you will need to get ready for this day.

How Are Hilton Worldwide SHL Tests Scored?

Hilton Worldwide SHL aptitude tests are usually comprised of multiple-choice questions. The possible marks for each question are correct, incorrect, and unanswered. When you submit a Hilton Worldwide aptitude test, your answers are first measured against the correct answers. Then, your correct answers are counted, and the rate of correct answers is calculated.

Are There Right or Wrong Answers Disagree in the Hilton Worldwide Personality Tests?

Those who administer personality assessment tests claim there are no "right" or "wrong" answers and often refer to personality tests as personality "questionnaires" instead of "tests." This is untrue. A personality assessment serves as a tool to help find the person who fulfils the criteria for a specific position. Therefore, there are right and wrong answers associated with specific positions. Preparing for the personality test in advance will allow you to become well-acquainted with the types of questions asked and what the optimal answers are.

What Should I Emphasize During my Hilton Worldwide Interview?

Typically you should emphasise why you are the correct choice for the job. You should bring in good examples from past experiences to show that you have the skills needed to succeed. Use the STAR method to answer questions as this provides a complete picture and is an engaging way to answer.


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