Ace Your Graduate Job Assessments – Practice & Guides

What You'll Get

  • Over 3500 practice questions
  • Covering: interviews, assessment centres, SJT, aptitude and personality tests
  • Simulations for SHL, Cubiks, Kenexa, cut-e, and many more
  • Customised especially for graduates
  • Full answer explanations & solving tips
  • Smart score reports
  • Over 40 study guides and video tutorials
  • 2021 updates
  • Immediate online access, practise 24/7
  • Secured payment


JobTestPrep's accredited psychologists have put together a comprehensive practice pack to help you prepare for nearly every type of graduate assessment you may face throughout the hiring process. 

The Benefits of Preparing with JobTestPrep

  • All-in-one experience – Our PrepPack™ includes all the preparation resources you need to help you land a graduate job or scheme after university. There is no need to spend time looking across the web for preparation materials for each assessment separately or purchasing multiple books or practice packs. Practising with our preparation pack can help you prepare for current and future assessments for graduate jobs and schemes with many different employers.
  • Comprehensive learning – Our pack includes multiple practice tests with full answer explanations as well as study guides and video tutorials, so you go into your assessments full of skills and confidence.
  • Many test formats – Our PrepPack™ includes practice materials for multiple testing companies, such as Kenexa, Saville, SHL, Watson Glaser, Cubiks, and Talent Q, to name a few, so you're prepared for almost any test that comes your way.
  • Score reports – Our tests are accompanied by smart score reports that can help you keep track of your progress.
  • 24/7 practice – Practise at your convenience, whether you are at a coffee shop, a library, or in your own home using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Graduate Assessments Covered in this PrepPack™

Our PrepPack™ includes over 3,500 questions and over 40 study guides and video tutorials for the following types of graduate assessments:

  • Graduate aptitude tests – practice tests and guides for numerical, verbal, inductive, deductive, general cognitive ability, mechanical, spatial, and diagrammatic reasoning. The practice tests follow the format of popular assessments provided by CEB SHL, Kenexa, Saville, Talent Q, cut-e, Watson Glaser, and Cubiks.
  • Graduate situational judgement tests – practice questions of various scenarios and formats as well as comprehensive tutorials and explanations to help you understand the principles of SJTs.
  • Graduate interviews – interview guides and tips written by our professional staff, as well as access to smart interview preparation software, including a database of thousands of interview questions you may encounter as part of the assessments.
  • Graduate assessment centre – comprehensive guides and practice exercises with detailed solutions for case studies, in-tray, role-play, and group exercises.
  • Graduate personality tests – a practice test with professional analysis of traits that employers look for, a detailed report, and various guides for popular personality tests (Hogan, SHL’s OPQ32, and PAPI).

Why Should I Prepare for My Graduate Assessments?

It is vital to spend enough time and prepare in advance for your assessments. Watch the following video to learn more about the importance of preparing for your tests:

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