Succeed at Your Graduate Assessment Centre

What You'll Get

  • 2 case study and presentation exercises + step-by-step solutions
  • 2 group exercises + detailed explanations
  • 2 in-tray exercises + complete solutions
  • 1 role-play exercise + recommendations for completion
  • 9 comprehensive guides written by accredited psychologists
  • Tips on what to expect and how to behave
  • Immediate online access, practise 24/7
  • Secured payment
  • 2021 updates 


If you have applied for a graduate job or scheme and are one of the lucky 5–10% of candidates asked to the next stage, now is the perfect opportunity to let your capabilities and personality shine. While competition to get the job is fierce, the assessment centre is not a place to appear competitive. Teamwork is key, and it is important to remember that you are being watched at all times, even during a break or at lunch.

Being prepared for the assessments reduces the stress that can come with this type of scrutiny, which is why JobTestPrep has created a PrepPack™ just for you. Read on to find out how we can help you practise and ensure you're ready for your graduate assessment centre.

The Advantages of Preparing with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep has created a comprehensive PrepPack™ to prepare you for your graduate assessment centre and bring out your best. Our pack includes practice exercises with complete solutions and scoring guides as well as comprehensive guides written by our accredited psychologists. These resources will help you gain important insight into what is expected of you and learn the best ways to approach each type of exercise.

In the pack, you will find the following preparation resources:

  • Case studies and presentations – two full-length exercises accompanied by in-depth step-by-step solutions and suggestions for presentation delivery, as well as guides offering recommended strategies for solving these exercises.
  • Role play and group exercises – three practice tasks with detailed explanations and comprehensive guides.
  • In-tray – two complete practice tests with solutions, score reports, and an accompanying guide.

What Is a Graduate Assessment Centre?

A graduate assessment centre is an assembly of exercises used by employers to closely examine prospective candidates. It may include a case study, group exercise, role play, presentation, in-tray exercise, and possibly also an interview.

Assessment centres are a very popular tool used in graduate recruitment, and they usually follow the initial screening. Companies typically invite a small number of candidates to the assessment centre at a time so they can observe potential recruits in an intimate setting. It is usually held at the company’s office or an off-site assessment centre. Assessment centres can last between half a day and two days.

What Exercises Are Found in a Graduate Assessment Centre?

The following are examples of typical exercises you may find in assessment centres for graduates:

Case Study

A graduate case study is an exercise which assesses your ability to analyse, strategise, or be creative. This exercise usually includes the analysis of fictional documents that relate to hypothetical or real-life situations. Banking, financial services, accountancy, and management consulting are typical sectors in which you will find case study assessments, but they can also be part of assessments for other business sectors and industries.

Group Exercise

A graduate group exercise is a group activity which helps evaluate your ability to work in a team, your leadership skills, your social skills, and your ability to work under pressure. It is typically used in assessments for jobs requiring teamwork, such as management consulting, finance, and IT.


A graduate presentation involves giving a 5–20-minute presentation based on either a previous case study assessment or another topic you will receive. This may include one of your hobbies, your course of study, or even the company where you are applying. A presentation task may be found in any sector's assessment centre because it is a simple way to give each candidate the chance to shine.

In-tray Exercise

In-tray/e-tray is an exercise that shows how well you prioritise tasks and manage your workload, usually in the form of an inbox. These tasks may include emails, reports, a calendar, and organisation charts, amongst others. Large employers, such as the Civil Service Fast Stream, KPMG, Deloitte, and Citigroup, are most likely to use in-tray exercises as part of their assessment centres.

Written Exercise

A written exercise involves writing in a concise and persuasive manner while expressing yourself clearly. Types of employers such as law firms, consultancies, and property firms are among those graduate employers most likely to use a written exercise assessment, but any employer that requires good written communication skills may administer this kind of test.


Some employers prefer to conduct the interview after you pass the assessment centre stage, whilst others opt to interview the candidates as part of it. It is important to be prepared for the possibility of being interviewed on assessment day. Our graduate interview preparation will help you get ready either way.

Verification Test

Verification tests are often given on assessment day to verify the integrity of the previous test you took online. The exact tests you will be asked to take depend on the employer and position for which you are applying. Find practice materials for graduate aptitude tests.

Tips for Doing Well in the Graduate Assessment Centre

The following are tips for how to succeed in assessment centres for graduates. These tips are broken down into two categories: preparation tips and on-the-day tips.

How to Prepare for a Graduate Assessment Day

  • Take the time to get to know the employer, their history, and recent changes they have made.
  • Read everything the employer sends you in advance and complete all the pre-assessment day tasks.
  • Find out as much as you can about the assessment/s you will have to pass.
  • Practise out loud for assessments such as the presentation, the group exercise, and the interview.
  • Get a good night's sleep.

How to Behave during a Graduate Assessment Day

  • Show how professional you are by arriving on time or a little early and wearing clean, pressed clothes.
  • Be enthusiastic about the exercises by showing interest and a willingness to learn.
  • Don't put other candidates down or leave them out of the discussion.
  • Be friendly to everyone you meet. You are constantly being assessed.
  • Remember to relax and let your personality come through.
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