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Following a successful first interview and aptitude tests, you will be invited to a number of second round interviews. Depending on the position you are applying for and your performance, you can be invited to up to 10 interviews with Goldman Sachs.

Unlike the first interview, these second interviews are more technical in nature, with many questions relating directly to the position you have applied for. Below we discuss the common interview topics.

When preparing yourself for these interviews, refer back to the Goldman Sachs key competencies as a guide for your answers.

Skills Set Questions

Each position at Goldman Sachs requires a specific skill set which the interview is looking for by asking this question. Before the interview, make sure to fully research the position and understand what skills you need. Be prepared for questions such as what skills have you learned that make you a good fit for this job? Or what skills would you need to develop for your role at Goldman Sachs?

Skill sets by department:

  • Human Capital Management and Technology Division - Technical Skills
  • Finance Division - High motivation
  • Global Compliance Division - Sound judgment
  • Operations Division - Innovative and driven

Teamwork Question

As you already know from the Goldman Sachs competencies, the company puts a big focus on teamwork. They are looking for team players who can collaborate with peers and show integrity. Working at Goldman Sachs involves working as part of a team every day. Be prepared for questions such as what would you do if you noticed a colleague getting stressed? Or have you ever been in a conflict with a colleague? How did you handle it? Our interview preparation can give you a sense of how best to answer this type of question.

Communication Questions

Another key competency for Goldman Sachs is communication. In this interview you want to come across as an effective and confident communicator so it’s a good idea to use the STAR method to structure your answers. A common question in this section is the notorious ‘Tell me about yourself’. Think about the Goldman Sachs competencies and real life examples when planning out your answer.

Commercial Awareness Questions

At Goldman Sachs, commercial awareness means understanding the banking industry and the culture of Goldman Sachs. The only way to do this is through research. As you prepare, go through some questions about the company such as:

  • What do you know about Goldman Sachs?
  • What do you understand about the company’s place in the industry?
  • Who are Goldman Sachs’ competitors? What are the differences between the companies?

In your answers, show that you have a real interest in the company and a focus on the division you have applied to.

Case Study Questions

During your interview, you may be presented with a question such as ‘What is the difference between client X and client Y?’ You are expected to be able to identify these companies and their differences. Case study questions are easy to prepare for with our online practice resources.

Brain Teasers

Apart from the more standard questions, you may be faced with bizarre questions from a Goldman Sachs interviewer. These questions, although difficult, are a sign that you are doing well in the interview. An example of one of these brain teasers is: Imagine you are shrunk down to the size of a pencil and thrown into a blender. How would you get out?

This question may seem odd, but assessors are looking at your thought process, creativity and ability to work under pressure when answering these questions so take them seriously. It is important to arrive at these interviews prepared and confident. Practice your interview skills with our interview preparation resources.

In Summary

Competition for a place on the Goldman Sachs graduate scheme can be tough but with enough practice and preparation, you are sure to succeed. This article has provided you with practice resources and advice that you need to prepare. Good luck!

Goldman Sachs and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of these trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website. Our materials are designed to help you prepare for the types of assessments you will encounter, but they are not identical to them.

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