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About GCHQ & Their Recruitment Process

GCHQ is one of the UK’s intelligence and security agencies gathering and analysing digital and electronic signals from a variety of channels, all over the world. GCHQ offers a range of graduate schemes across different professions.

Recruitment for GCHQ can be at any level. There are six areas graduates can work in: IT specialists and engineers, language and culture specialists, intelligence analysts, mathematicians, information specialists, and corporate support.

GCHQ Security Requirements

Due to the nature of the organisation, the GCHQ selection process requires several stages of security testing alongside the more regular recruitment assessments. GCHQ has strict eligibility requirements, including the necessity to be a British Citizen, the child of at least one British Citizen, having a clean criminal record, and more.

GCHQ Application Form

In order to apply to GCHQ, identify the vacancy that you wish to apply for and send your CV and cover letter to GCHQ by post. Since there is no structured application form, it is up to you to decide the information that is included. It is important that you reference all the information in the vacancy details in your application. Your cover letter should also include information about why you want to join GCHQ, and why they should hire you.

You must also answer the security questionnaire and send it back with your application.

GCHQ Sift Tests

Applicants for some roles face two sift tests following the submission of their application: the minimum eligibility sift test and the preference sift test. Both of these tests are used to help find the best of the applicants. The minimum eligibility sift test is a short self-assessment questionnaire. The preference sift test is a longer personality test which paints a picture of each candidate's working style and preferences for the GCHQ. Our online personality questionnaires can help you prepare for both of these tasks. Note that for some roles, these may be the only tests you are asked to take. 

GCHQ Online Tests

The GCHQ test for intelligence analysts are designed onsite by GCHQ’s mathematicians. They are unlike other tests that you may come across. Other graduate schemes and positions at GCHQ are asked to complete the more regular aptitude tests. If you are asked to complete GCHQ’s tests, they comprise of a numerical reasoning test, and a verbal reasoning test. Applicants for the Civil Service Fast Stream will take Cubiks assessment tests.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests measure your ability to analyse numerical information in the form of graphs, tables and charts, and extract the data you need in order to answer a question, or prove a point. Several questions are asked about each piece of data provided. These questions are usually multiple choice, and require some working out in order for you to be able to identify the correct answer. The tests are time-limited, placing pressure on you to work quickly and accurately. Practising these tests before you have to take them will help you ensure that you get the score you deserve. JobTestPrep’s online numerical reasoning practice packs are here to help.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests measure your skills at comprehending, analysing and interpreting written text to come to a conclusion about what you have read. In short, skills that you need for every day at work. In these tests you are given a short text to read, with several questions or statements on the text. For some questions you need to choose the correct answer from a list, for others you must decide whether a statement is true, false, or you cannot say based on the information provided. These tests are also time limited. Prepare for the test with JobTestPrep’s verbal reasoning preparation tests to ensure that you do as well as you can on the day or see the free verbal reasoning test practice.

GCHQ Interview

If you successfully pass the online tests, the next stage is an interview. For many tracks the GCHQ interview is, in fact, two interviews with two different interviewers. You are notified ahead of time what type of interview to expect. The first GCHQ interview is a competency-based interview asking you questions about the information on your CV, your interpersonal, core and transferable skills and so on. The second interview is a technical interview based on the technical skills you need for the role you have applied for.

Preparing for an interview requires a lot of different elements such as reviewing the job description and the information you have put on the application form; researching the organisation and some of the main duties of the team you have applied to; and preparing examples of where you have demonstrated the key competencies in your past to take in with you. Also, ensure that you prepare questions to ask of your interviewer. 

GCHQ Personality Test

Alongside your GCHQ interview you also have to take a personality test checking whether you have the personality traits desired for an employee at GCHQ. Personality tests can be intimidating especially when you are not used to taking them. Taking trial personality tests with JobTestPrep can help calm those nerves so that you give a fair representation of yourself on the day.

Prepare for Success

As part of the British security services, GCHQ necessarily has a rigorous recruitment process with an emphasis on security. This, along with a desire to only recruit the best applicants has led to a long and challenging recruitment process that contains tests such as personality tests, security checks, and more at each stage. The best way to prepare thoroughly for each stage of the GCHQ recruitment process is with JobTestPrep.

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