An Garda Siochana Assessment Centre and Interview Preparation

Once you have successfully passed the aptitude assessment stages of the Garda recruitment process, the next stage awaiting you is the Garda assessment centre, including at least one interview. Learn about how to negotiate these stages with the tips and advice available on this page. 
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Stage 3 - Garda Trainee Assessment Centre

The next stage is the assessment centre. As well as any other assessments, you will be asked to sit a supervised verbal and inductive/ logical reasoning test (the SHL versions). Don’t forget to refresh your memory on these tests before the assessment centre. You will be informed ahead of your assessment centre of the exercises to expect on the day, but some of the options include:

  • Job simulation exercises
  • Report writing exercises
  • Interview
  • Language test

Job Simulation and Report Writing Exercises

These exercises ask you to mimic tasks that you would normally carry out as part of your job. Past examples of job simulation exercises include creating a notebook entry, or writing notes on an incident report presented to you in video format. The aim of this exercise is to test your evaluation skills, namely what information you pick out from a situation. Brush up on your written exercise skills with our JobTestPrep written exercises pages.

Assessment Centre Interview

This interview is a three person panel interview lasting approximately 45 minutes. The interviewers will ask you more information on the examples you have included in your application form, as well as any other information they find interesting on it. Review your application form ahead of the interview to refresh your memory of what was on there! You may also be asked questions about your strengths, weaknesses and motivations. Read up about how to answer some of the more common tricky question with our free guide to interviews. You will be asked about your motivations to become a guard, and what you know about the role of a guard. Read up everything you can and visit your local station to learn as much as you can ahead of your interview. The best way to prepare for an interview is to rehearse your answers in a mock interview situation. JobTestPrep Skype based interviews offer both a mock interview and feedback from our trained assessors on how you can improve your interview skills before your real interview.

Some past interview questions include:

  • Have you ever made a bad decision?
  • If you fail the interview, what you will do?
  • What would be a tough task for you as a guard?
  • How would you deal with routine work?
  • What area would you like to go into?

Stage 4 - Garda Trainee Interview

The final stage of this section of the recruitment process is the interview. This interview is competency based, meaning that you will be asked questions about your skills, and the skills needed to be a guard with An Garda Siochana. You are expected to answer questions using examples of where you have demonstrated these skills in the past - in your work experience, voluntary work, in school or university. Prepare a set of examples in advance, and rehearse organising your answers around the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action and Result) to make sure you don’t miss any details out.

Other preparation for the interview includes reading up on the job description of a guard and the skills and competencies examined throughout the recruitment process. You may also want to review the examples you used in your application form to ensure that you can answer any follow up questions, or so that you don’t use the same examples again. You may also want to rehearse giving over your answers in interview conditions. A mock interview such as JobTestPrep's Skype based interviews will also allow you to receive feedback from our trained assessors to guide you to improve in the real interview.

In Summary

If you are successful in the interview you will then be invited to take part in first a physical assessment, and secondly a medical examination.

To get this far in the process you have to have been at the top of your game at each stage as the pool of applicants is reduced at each stage. This article has set out ways for you to prepare for each stage to help you progress through the process. We hope you have found this article useful, and good luck.

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