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The Ambulance Victoria GAP recruitment process is long and challenging and can additionally take some time as you wait for a vacancy with the force. Unlike many other graduate schemes, you can apply any time to the ambulance service. The recruitment process tests you on a variety of necessary skills for the job as a paramedic. Preparation for each new aptitude and assessment test is key, and this article takes you through each stage highlighting how you can prepare at each point.

GAP Application Form

The AV application form is the first opportunity to introduce yourself to AV. Your application form must be filled in and sent in by mail. There are several supporting documents to send in with the application form, make sure you send them all in, or you will not be invited to the next stage. You must also check over your application form to ensure that you have answered all questions.

AV Psychometric/Aptitude Tests

If your application form meets with approval from the recruiters, you will then be invited to take two online psychometric tests - a numerical reasoning test and a verbal reasoning test. In order to pass through the next stage you must achieve a minimum benchmark score on the test.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test aims to assess how well you use numbers in a logical way to extract information. Numerical reasoning aptitude tests require you to be able to make simple mathematical calculations. The questions are multiple choice and the test is timed, which means you have to work quickly and accurately in order to obtain a good score. Learn more about numerical reasoning tests on our website.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning tests examine your ability to understand and use the information contained in a written text. You are usually asked to identify whether a statement is true, false, or cannot say, or to pick the correct answer from a list of choices. This test is also timed, ensuring that you read texts quickly in order to determine the answer. Find out more about verbal reasoning aptitude tests on the JobTestPrep website.

AV Group Assessment

If you achieve a good enough score on the tests you will then be invited to the group assessment. The purpose of the group assessment is to test your skills and competencies in a live setting rather than in an interview. You are being assessed throughout the session by members and staff from AV who will be taking notes on the session. Some of the things they observe on the day may make it into your later interview. Ahead of the group session you may want to consider how you will aim to contribute, and how to make yourself a part of the group without taking over the group. Gain more tips about group exercises on our dedicated pages.

AV Panel Interview

If you successfully navigate through the group assessment, the next stage of the recruitment process is the interview. The interview contains three components, and you must pass each section in turn in order to move on to the next interview.

Behavioural interview - questions about yourself, your experience, and situations you may have found yourself in the past. Read over your application to review what you may be asked about. Also, review the job description and selection criteria for indications of what will be asked in the interview. Prepare examples of your actions in certain situations, organising them with the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

Clinical skills questions - you will be asked clinical questions based on a scenario. Prepare for this interview by reviewing the AV Clinical Practice Guidelines, as well as some of the more common clinical areas you will encounter in your job as a paramedic. For example, treatment goals and the pharmacology of the types of drugs you will carry on the ambulance.

Navigation exercise - this test is looking at how you navigate in a pressurised situation. You are being tested on how you follow and issue verbal instructions, read a map and street directory, and navigate an appropriate route.

Given that you want to do your best in each interview, preparation is key. For tips about interviews and difficult questions within it, review our interview study guide.

Prepare for each section individually, even if you think it is straightforward.

In Summary

If you are successful in the interview you will be ranked in the AV order of merit, and offered a place when there is a vacancy. All offers are dependent on you passing medical and fitness tests.

The AV graduate ambulance paramedic recruitment process can be long and challenging, but many will agree that it is worth it. However in order to get your place on the force, you need to perform your best at each stage. This article has set out the steps you need to go through in order to get a place with VA. Prepare for each stage with JobTestPrep.


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