Fujitsu is a Japan-based multinational information and communication technology (ICT) company. The two entry routes for candidates starting their careers are industrial placements and graduate positions. Entry into both can be highly competitive so you need to make sure you stand out during the hiring process.

Fujitsu Online Application

The Fujitsu online application is rather long as it asks you to detail your post-graduate or professional qualifications along with other basic and personal details. You are also asked to give written answers to competency questions such as: describe a time when you clearly established customer needs and exceeded expectations. The competencies are slightly tailored to the position you are applying for so they change from application to application. You are also able to provide a CV. Learn how to build a stellar CV and ace the competency questions with the help of JobTestPrep.

Fujitsu Online Aptitude Tests

After successfully completing the Fujitsu online application form, you will then be asked to complete two online tests provided by Saville Consulting company. These tests examine your numerical and verbal skills as well as your ability to work under pressure. It’s imperative that you pass these tests in order to make it onto the final stages of the selection process so make sure you practice your skills.

Numerical Reasoning

This is a 15 minute test which assesses your numerical abilities. You are given questions involving basic math functions such as ratios, graphs and percentages. You must work quickly and efficiently in order to answer the questions correctly. Practice numerical reasoning tests with JobTestPrep.

Verbal Reasoning

This is another 15 minutes test which assesses your ability to analyse written information. You are given a short text to read and then provided with multiple choice questions to answer regarding the text. Managing time while focusing on the task at hand can be tricky. Practice verbal reasoning questions with practice tests.

Fujitsu Interview

If you successfully pass the online tests, you will be invited to attend an interview. There are two types of interviews: candidates for sales and project manager positions will face a video interview while all other candidates can expect a telephone interview. Both phone and video interviews are competency based, lasting between 30-40 minutes. Use our interview preparation resources to help give yourself an advantage over other candidates.

Fujitsu Assessment Centre

Should you successfully pass the telephone interview, you will be invited to attend the Fujitsu Assessment Centre. The Fujitsu Assessment Centre is very intensive, so preparation is required to ensure that you are at your best. Whilst at the assessment centre you will meet previously recruited graduates thus giving you an opportunity to learn more about the company in general and ask any questions that you may have. There are several activities which you will take part in during the day, including a presentation, a group exercise and a one-on-one interview.


This is an hour long individual exercise. You are given a brief with your task and necessary information and 40 minutes to review it and create a presentation. You will then present your findings and solution in a 10 minute presentation to one assessor. Following your presentation the assessor may ask questions regarding the case and your interpretation of it. The skills examined here are time management as well as problem solving and analytic processing. Get ahead by practicing for your presentation with our preparation materials.

Group Exercise

This exercise is conducted in front of four assessors who monitor you throughout the two hour activity. You will be given a few tasks to complete relating a specific issue. Be aware that the assessors change the guidelines throughout the activity to see how well you adapt. The key to this type of exercise is to make your opinion heard without taking over the group. Make sure you keep your eye on the clock as well. Learn to master the group exercise with our preparation resources.

One-on-One Interview

This is an hour long interview focused on your competencies. You can prepare answers and examples in advance and it’s a good idea to use the STAR method to help structure your answers. Research the company beforehand and come prepared with questions for your interviewer as well. Use our interview preparation materials to prepare yourself for this stage of the assessment.

In Summary

Fujitsu is a great place to begin you career. With many different opportunities, you are sure to find a place for yourself on the Fujitsu team. Prepare yourself for all the stages of the recruitment process with the sources we have mentioned here and you are on your way to success. Good Luck!