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Free Numerical Reasoning Test Questions and Answers

On this page, you will find a sample of what our full-length preparation materials can truly offer you. Our short free numerical reasoning test sample has 15 questions. You have 7.5 minutes to answer them. This free sample is in the same style that you will have when taking the real thing. Once you have completed the numerical reasoning test sample you will receive a score report which breaks down how many questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. In addition, you can go back to any question that you may have gotten incorrect and you will see how our experts answered it.



Numerical Reasoning Sample Questions And Answers

Get a glimpse of some of our free numerical reasoning questions:

Practice Numerical Reasoning Test Sample 1


For approximately what proportion of the total global hectare for all countries combined is Japan responsible?

A. 15%

B. 17%

C. 19%

D. 21%

E. 23%

The correct answer is (B).

This question is not just about adding up all the ecological footprint values and then dividing that of Japan by the calculated sum. You must take into consideration the population of each country:

Gha = Ecological Footprint x Population

South Africa: 50x2.5 = 125
France: 60x5 = 300
Romania: 25x2.5 = 62.5
Germany: 75x3 = 225
Japan: 125x5 = 625
USA: 300x8 = 2400

Total gha: 125+300+62.5+225+625+2400 = 3737.5.
Japan: 625

Japan’s ratio: 625/3737.5 = 0.167
The correct answer is approximately 17%.

Practice Numerical Reasoning Test Example 2

Four people, all working at the same rate, can mow a lawn in 2.4 hours. How many more people, working at the same rate as the first four, must be added in order to mow three lawns in 3.6 hours?

A. 4

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

E. 8

The correct answer is (A).

This is a unique type of work-rate question, which can be referred to as 'workers questions'. In these questions, there are several workers with an identical work-rate, and the trick is to replace the work-rate with the number of workers. The formula, in this case, would be: Number of Workers * Time = Work.

It is advised to solve these questions using a ratio-table representing work, time and the number of workers. This table lets you investigate the effect of a given factor on the others.



The relationship between Number of Workers and Work is direct. Thus, if you multiplied Work by 3, you would need to multiply Number of Workers by 3 as well.

The relationship between Number of Workers and Time is inverted. Therefore, if you multiplied Time by 3/2 (2.4-->3.6), you would need to multiply Number of Workers by the inversed value 2/3.

The number of workers should thus be multiplied by 3*2/3 = 2. Therefore, in order to mow three lawns in 3.6 hours, there should be 4*2 = 8 people working.

However, the question is asking how many MORE people must be added, so the correct answer is 8 - 4 = 4.

Practice Numerical Reasoning Test Example 3

Choose the correct answer.

0.18   |   0.36   |   0.72   |   ?   |   2.88

A. 0.9

B. 1.26

C. 1.44

D. 1.62

The correct answer is (C).


Each term is double the previous term.

Practice Numerical Reasoning Test Sample 4


The solution to the above numerical reasoning question can be split to two different methods. The first method which is the longer method is as follows:

Find the population of unemployed people in Spain and in France using the information from the numerical test question:

    1. Spain: 46,000,000 * 0.16 = 7,360,000
    2. France: 65,000,000 * 0.08 = 5,200,000
    3. Find the difference: 7,360,000 - 5,200,000 = 2,160,000

Since we are asked to find the unemployed population of Spain relatively to that of France, we need to divide the difference between the two countries by the unemployed population of France: 2,160,000/5,200,000=0.415=41.5%

We recommend a quicker route for answering this free numerical reasoning question that saves a step:

  1. Measure Spanish unemployed with respect to French: (Spain's unemployed) / (France's unemployed)-1
  2. Therefore: (46,000,000*0.16)/(65,000,000*0.08)-1= 0.415 = 41.5%

Numerical Reasoning Test Sample 5


The answer to the above free numerical reasoning question is very simple, all that is required is a simple equation to account for the difference in value and convert it into a percentage. If you have found this question challenging it is highly recommended to start practising immediately as it's considered one of the simplest numerical test questions.

  1. (85/77) – 1 = 0.1038=10.38%
  2. Or (85-77)/77 = 0.1038=10.38%~10.4%


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Numerical Reasoning Test Questions and Answers

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