Ford Assessment Centre and Aptitude Tests Preparation

Are you thinking of applying to the Ford graduate scheme or assessment centre?

If you are, you will need to be prepared for the detailed Ford graduate recruiting program or the assessment centre which contains many steps before you get the prized offer. Let us here at JobTestPrep be your guide, walking you through the entire process giving you valuable tips and tricks to help you beat the field.

Numerical & inductive reasoning practice tests!
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Ford Numerical & Inductive Reasoning

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Ford Assessment Centre preparation

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About Ford

Ford Motor Company is a global automotive leader headquartered in the US. Outside of the US, the UK is one of Ford’s most important markets, and, as such, they have 15,000 UK employees. They were also recognised as one of the world’s most ethical companies in 2010. Find out how JobTestPrep can help you land a position at Ford.

Ford Recruitment Process

At Ford you will have real responsibility from day one. You will have a chance to participate in global business and will be encouraged to become a future leader. There are four main recruitment paths at Ford: Ford apprenticeships, the Ford graduate program, Ford business placements, and the Ford vacation schemes. Graduates and business placements follow the recruitment process detailed below. The vacation scheme has a longer interview, but it does not include the Ford assessment centre. Finally, the apprenticeship scheme has a slightly shorter recruitment procedure. Outlined below are the steps of the recruitment process:

Ford Graduate Scheme

The first stage is a competency-based application form. You will need to provide your education, work experience, and qualifications, as well as your motivations for joining the company.

Ford values quality over quantity, so try to give focused answers with examples for each question. It is better to focus on fewer examples in more detail than to give lots of examples without explaining them in enough detail. If relevant, you should explain why you are giving a particular example, how you contributed in the example given, and what you learned from it. In addition, you should be using the STAR method to answer the questions.

Ford Psychometric Tests

If Ford is impressed with your application form, it will invite you to sit two online aptitude tests – numerical reasoning and inductive reasoning. Ford uses SHL, one of the most widely used psychometric testing companies around, to provide these tests.

Ford Numerical Reasoning Test

On the Ford numerical reasoning test, you will be presented with lots of numerical data, generally in the form of statistical tables, although other popular data includes graphs, ratios, and percentages. You have to analyse this material and complete the multiple choice questions. There are normally 20 questions that need to be completed in a 20-minute timeframe. Preparing for these tests is important as the concepts are not always so easily understood. Moreover, working under severe time constraints means that you don't have time to ponder your answers for any length of time.

Ford Inductive Reasoning Test

On the Ford inductive reasoning test, you will be presented with a number of different images containing various patterns, lines, and shapes. Presented as part of a sequence, you have to use logical reasoning skills to work out the correct answer from a number of different choices below the sequence. Understanding the rules governing these tests, as well as requisite practice, is your way of ensuring that you will do your best.

Ford Telephone Interview

If you pass the psychometric tests, Ford will schedule a 30-minute competency-based interview with you on the phone. You will be tested on the following competencies:

  • Personal Development
  • Results
  • Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Focus

You will also be asked about your motivations for applying to Ford, and you may be quizzed about the company.

Be sure to take your time; a well thought-out answer is usually worth the thinking time it necessitates. Don't be afraid to ask your interview for a couple of minutes to think. In fact, by giving each question your full care and attention, you demonstrate that you care about the position for which you are applying.

Ford Assessment Centre

The final stage of the Ford recruitment process is the Ford Assessment Centre. This usually includes a face-to-face interview, a group exercise, a role play exercise, and an in-tray exercise. The exact combination of exercises will be dependent on the role you applied for.

Interview (approximately 60 minutes) – This is a competency-based interview. The competencies you will be tested on include: Resilience, Personal Development, Teamwork, and Customer Focus. Ford is looking for personal examples of these competencies, so make sure to bring rich examples. You can prepare for the interview by doing your research on the company and their products. You should be up-to-date with current affairs in the industry and be enthusiastic about your motivations for joining.

Group Exercise – During the group exercise you will be tested on similar competencies to the interview. You will be given some information as well as individual preparation time (approximately 20 minutes); you will then participate in a 40-minute group discussion. Try to strike a balance between listening and contributing. This is not a competition — you and the other candidates may all be selected. Don’t lose track of the task at hand and try to make the group focus.

Role Play (approximately 70 minutes) – You will be given information and will have some individual preparation time to look it over (35 minutes). You will then have a 20-minute meeting with a ‘client’. You will then be asked (in writing) to reflect on the meeting. Find out how we can help you with writing reports and role plays.

In-tray exercise (90 minutes) – You will be given two tasks in this exercise. The first is to review a situation and propose some actions, and the second is to write a report outlining changes, cost, and other information. You will not have enough time to read all the information given in detail. It is recommended to scan all the material and then go back to the important bits to read more thoroughly.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep provides two types of practice packs for the Ford assessments. Our first pack includes numerical & inductive reasoning tests as well as a telephone interview guide to help you prepare for the initial steps of the process. Our second pack is for the Ford assessment centre, which prepares you for role plays, group exercises, in-tray exercises, and the interview. Start preparing for the Ford Assessment today!

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