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Preparing for The Hiring Process at Folksam

The recruitment process involves several interviews with different heads of departments as well as several tests. Judging by the requirements they post on their job applications, they primarily look for people with the following skills:

  • Ability to follow directions of Supervisory staff
  • Effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Ability to follow directions of Supervisory staff


Folksam Interview Preparation

While Folksam is one company, it has a presence in several locations. This and the type of job you are applying for have a heavy influence on the type and number of interviews you will have to go through. You may be required to participate in several of the following interviews:

  • Phone interviews. A phone interview can last up to 30 minutes and it is conducted via the telephone. Employers use this method to screen candidates in order to narrow the number of applicants who will be invited for an in-person interview. During the interview, candidates will be asked basic questions regarding their resume, their desire to work at the company, their availability to work, their desired salary, work history etc. If the interview is successful, the candidate will be invited to participate in a video interview or come to an in-person interview.
  • Video interviews. Two types of video interviews exist, a live one and a pre-recorded one. A live video interview involves using Skype, or a similar program. It’s as simple as that. It can take between 40-60 minutes to complete. A pre-recorded interview is where are given a set of questions which you have to answer while recording yourself. You then send this video to the interviewers.
  • A number of in-person interviews. Multiple in-person (face-to-face) interviews for Folksam positions are a common practice to give decision makers at multiple levels the opportunity to make sure that you are the right candidate for the job. There are several interviewers like the recruiter, an HR representative, and heads of departments.
  • A panel interview. The whole idea of a panel interview is to put an interviewee under more pressure compared with a typical one-to-one interview. It could be the case that you have four or five people all asking you questions. The panel will consider how you cope under such demanding conditions.
  • Group interviews. A group interview involves multiple interviewers and multiple candidates. You will be in a room with between 10-40 other candidates and 4-6 interviewers. Each interviewer will ask each candidate a question. You may be required to participate in a group exercise like a presentation or a case study.


Preparing for Folksam’s Tests

During the hiring process at Folksam, you will be required to pass certain tests. The most prominent test, or rather, set of tests is the Cubiks Assessment. The Cubiks Assessment consists of the following sections:

  • Ability tests: these explore how you process and reason with different kinds of information, such as verbal, numerical, and the more abstract and non-verbal type. It takes 12 minutes (4 per section) and has 50 questions.
  • Personality assessments: these explore your preferred work style, and also what drives your behavior. Whilst it is unlimited, it takes around 30 minutes to complete. Here you’ll have to agree or disagree with statements. Another aspect to this test is that you may be required to choose, from sets of three statements, which you like the most and which you like the least.
  • Situational judgement tests (SJTS): these explore how you respond to a series of work-related scenarios that are related to performance in a particular role.


General Interview Questions

Here are some common questions that you may come across during your interviews at Folksam:

  • Describe a conflict you were involved in at work. How did you resolve the conflict? What happened next with that coworker or team?
  • How do you handle workplace conflict?
  • Tell me about yourself.


Folksam is one of the leading companies in the insurance sector. To work there could be immensely beneficial for you. The highly complex interviews and tests may deny you the job you so want. Not only will JobTestPrep help you complete the hiring process successfully, but we’ll also teach you how to show initiative. It is important to understand that interviewers want you to ask questions. The more you ask, the more interested and curious you appear. Join us today!


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