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While our testing teams are working on revamping our financial reasoning practice pack, you can try solve these challenge questions and post your answers below. Correct answers will entitle 15% off our product, once aired.

Question 1:

4 different companies competing over a single product have recently changed retail prices in order to increase their profits.

Company Retail price changeMarket share before changeMarket share after change
A20% increase20%30%
B9% decrease5%9%
C12% increase30%28%
D19% increase15%33%

Assuming that the product's initial price was equal for all companies, which company experienced the greatest increase in revenues?

Question 2:

A company has set itself a goal to reach a 40% increase in monthly revenues. In order to do so, the company reduced the price of its product by 25%. What net increase in sales is needed in order to reach the desired goal?

Question 3 (advanced): 

BigMart is a British supermarket chain which retails food, clothing and general merchandise. As part of BigMart's efforts to reduce operational costs, it was decided to integrate self-checkout cashier systems, operated directly by the customers, allowing only credit card payments. With this change, for every three self-checkout posts only one human cashier would be required, functioning as backup in case of problems occurring during the automated process. Nevertheless, an automatic work station is expected to work slower than a station operated by a skillful cashier. Therefore, it was initially agreed that 50% of the work stations would remain human operated, while two automatic stations would replace each human operated station removed. Additionally, surveillance cameras would be required to prevent product theft attempts by customers.

Before deciding the ratio between human and automatized work stations, BigMart tried a variety of automatization percentages, each in one of 6 branches. Could it have been possible for BigMart to choose a better automatization rate, and by how much would it differ from the one chosen?

Branch 1Branch 2Branch 3 Branch 4Branch 5 Branch 6
Automatization percentage rate332580755066
Net profit before pilot (quarterly, £)2.000.0001.990.0001.550.0002.100.0001.900.0002.300.500
Net profit thourghout pilot (quarterly, £)2.160.0001.870.0001.705.0002.478.0002.090.0002.642.275

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