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Prepare for the Family Housing Association Hiring Process

Family Housing Association (FHA) is a well-established housing association, providing homes of the best quality. They aim to make a positive difference in communities and improve their customers’ lives. Family Housing Association in Wales has over 250 employees and offers various work opportunities. They believe that their employees are the key to their success and are they aim to hire motivated, hard-working, and innovative employees to join their team. Below are some important steps used you will find during the Family Housing Association recruitment process:

Application: The Family Housing Association application process can be accomplished online by searching for available jobs, submitting one’s CV, and including other documents if required. More ways to apply are with an employee referral or recruiter.

Telephone Interview: Applicants may receive a phone call from an HR recruiter initially, asking them to provide more information about their work background and skills. In-person interview may be scheduled for applicants if this first interview is successful.

In-Person Interview: Face-to-face interviews may be performed in a few stages. Candidates may experience a variety of questioning methods depending on the type of position they are interested in applying for. A group interview will take place during the Family Housing Association assessment centre day as well.

Tests: It is possible for candidates to be required to go through a psychometric test stage. Taking aptitude entrance exams helps employers choose the most compatible entrants. Candidates will score one’s cognitive capabilities in a variety of subjects.

The Family Housing Association Aptitude Test Process

When going through the Family Housing Association test step, test-takers’ intellectual knowledge and personal qualities are evaluated and compared against each candidates’ scores. A variety of aptitude tests may be administered to assess one’s skills in a certain field. One’s numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills may be measured. These exams measure applicants’ arithmetical abilities, written data comprehension, and decision-making skills.

Microsoft tests, such as the Excel exam, may be distributed to applicants to assess one’s technical skills and knowledge of the platform. Other Family Housing Association assessment tests include the situational judgement (SJT) and personality tests. The SJT test asks behavioural-related questions to assess how one responds to scenarios and companies then use their answers to foresee how positively applicants will fit in the workplace. The personality assessment pinpoints applicants’ assets and core characteristics.

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The Family Housing Association Interview Process

The Family Housing Association interview process may be long or short depending on the type of job you apply for. There are numerous types of interview approaches, such as a technical interview which asks questions assessing candidates’ understanding of the job’s requirements. Behavioural questions concentrate on one’s decisions in response to certain scenarios. The STAR method is often a good reference to use when answering behavioural-style questions so that answers are clear. Initially, address the situation, then the task, afterwards explain the action taken and the end result.

Examples of Family Housing Association interview questions are as follows:

  • Why Family Housing Association?
  • What are your goals?
  • How well do you work in a team setting?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?


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