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  • 3 full-length Capp-style Critical Thinking practice tests
  • 2 full-length Capp-style Numerical Thinking practice tests
  • 3 full-length Capp-style Verbal Thinking practice tests
  • 1 full-length Capp-style Situational Strength practice test (SJT)
  • 5 additional critical thinking drills
  • 3 additional verbal thinking drills
  • 3 additional numerical thinking drills
  • 5 Critical Thinking study guides
  • 1 Situational Strength study guides
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Here you will find information on each stage of the EY hiring process for undergraduates, as well as details of the practice EY assessment tests we offer. There are three programmes for undergraduates, and they largely follow the same hiring process. These programmes are:

  • Industrial Placement Programme
  • Summer Internship Programme
  • Scholarship Programme

With JobTestPrep's tips and guides, you are guaranteed to be at your best at every stage.

If you are applying for a different programme you may require a different PrepPack™. You can select this via our main EY page


EY Undergraduates Assessment Tests

There are several competency-based tests you will take for the online stage of the EY undergraduates hiring process. These are the: 

  • EY Numerical Reasoning Test 
  • Verbal Reasoning Test 
  • EY Situational Strengths Test 
  • EY Business Behaviours Test 
  • EY What's Your Mindset Test

These are outlined in the main page. You can practise for them with this PrepPack™


Tailored EY Tests for You

Get tailored practice tests that follow the content of EY’s CAPP practice tests. Our practice packs provide a holistic preparation journey, with full-length tests, explanations, score reports, tutorials, and PDF guides. Start practising today and increase your chances of landing the job you want.


EY Undergraduates Hiring Process

The exact EY hiring process will vary according to the particular role you apply to. Detailed below are the possible different stages that you might encounter for various programmes within the EY undergraduates scheme.

EY Recruitment Process

EY Internship Application Form

The EY internship application form is fairly standard. You must enter in your personal details as well as your examination results and where you achieved them. In fact, it is only used later because once you have completed it, you will immediately be sent links to complete the EY strengths online tests.

EY Strengths Portal

After you have completed and submitted your EY internship application form you will sent a link via email inviting you to access the EY Strengths Portal. Here you will find a series of several different tests, each of them focusing on a separate skill. These tests are provided by CAPP and are administered by Jobmi. They are described above in the EY Tests section.

Preparing for Your EY Undergraduate Interview

There are a number of different options available to you here that you can use to give yourself full preparation for your upcoming EY interview. One popular option is our recording service where you are asked the questions through an automated service. You record your answers through a webcam and microphone. You can then replay your answers and mark them using the same indicators that assessors use.

A further option is our live service where you will be put in contact with one of our expert assessors who will conduct a mock interview via skype. You will get personalised feedback on the spot with the assessor pointing out where you need to improve, whether that be in your answers or in your demeanour. Both of these options are available through our interview preparation page.

Frequently Asked Questions by EY Undergraduate Applicants

1. What are the different positions in the EY undergraduates roles?

These are the Internship Placement Programme, the Summer Internship Programme, and the Scholarship Programme.

  • The Industrial Placement Programme involves a year’s paid role in a real client project team which gives you a head-start towards professional accountancy qualification. This is for undergraduates whose degrees includes a year’s industrial placement.
  • The Summer Internship Programme offers candidates structured training in one of EY’s four service lines and the opportunity to secure a graduate programme scheme.
  • The Scholarship Programme offers GBP 15,000 in scholarship payments during your degree as well as paid work placements.

2. What is the difference between the application process for the undergraduates and the graduates?

The undergraduates application process mirrors that of the graduates application process; there is no difference in terms of how you apply and what you should do to prepare.

3. How can I prepare for the different stages? There are two separate packs.

There is one PrepPack which is exclusively targeted at the online assessments (both competency- and personality-based) and one other PrepPack which is geared towards walking candidates through the entire hiring process.


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