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About ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company with over 30 refineries spread across more than 20 different countries. Being the world’s largest refiner, ExxonMobil emploies over 80,000 people across the world. As well as this, ExxonMobil is a large technology company which is used to help deliver energy across the globe in a safe a secure way.

ExxonMobil Graduate Schemes

To this end there are many positions available in the ExxonMobil graduate scheme with opportunities in Finance, Marketing, Refining, chemicals and EMEEL, IT, Gas and power marketing, Marine, HR, and Supply and trading. They receive over 6,000 applications for the respective ExxonMobil graduate scheme but only a fraction of these applications make it through to actually receiving an offer. Because of the high demand for places, there is an exhaustive application process that involves many different steps.

ExxonMobil Experienced Hires Positions

As well as the respective graduate schemes, there are almost always a plethora of other, experienced hire and other positions. These positions include placements, Geoscience, and apprenticeships. They cover areas that include exploration, development and production, engineering, COG controllers, quality engineering, and process technicians.

ExxonMobil Application Process

There are different application processes for the different schemes and these are outlined in the table below:

Graduate Scheme Geoscience Placements (and Apprenticeships) Experienced Hires
Online Application Form Online Application Form Online Application Form Online Application Form
Online Test Application Review Online Test Application Review
Candidate Application Profile Review Campus Interview Candidate Application Profile Review Face-to-Face Interview
Telephone Interview Field Trip Telephone Interview Final Decision
Face-to-Face Interview Face-to-Face Interview Face-to-Face Interview  
Assessment Centre Final Decision Assessment Centre (Gas and Power Marketing)  


ExxonMobil Online Application Form

This is the first stage of the application process and is therefore very important as it gives your prospective employer their first glimpse of you. You will be given the opportunity to upload your CV to the system as well as creating a profile. One thing to bear in mind when completing this online application is to ensure that your CV is tailored to the needs of ExxonMobil. What this means is that you have to ensure that the skills you have that fit with the job requirements are clear and defined for all to see. 

As well as this, you will also have to answer some competency questions relating to your skills and how they fit into the company. It is imperative to answer these questions to the best of your ability as they will be assessed later on in the recruitment process. Even if you do well enough in the ExxonMobil psychometric test, if your answers here are not up to scratch, you will be rejected. Find out how we can help answer such competency questions.

ExxonMobil Numerical Reasoning Test

The ExxonMobil numerical reasoning test is an online test provided by CEB SHL, one of the biggest online testing companies around. This ExxonMobil psychometric test is approximately 20 minutes in length. On the test you will be assessed on your ability to evaluate data presented in various statistical forms. You have to work out percentages, ratios, and understand different graphs. In the questions you will be asked to select one of the five possibilities which can be very confusing. Not only is the ExxonMobil aptitude test difficult in terms of the questions asked, but it is incredibly difficult to contend with the time pressures of answering approximately one question per minute. Hence, taking some numerical reasoning practice tests is not merely a good idea, it is vital to your success.

If you complete the ExxonMobil numerical/numeracy test with a high enough mark, your application will go through what is known as the Candidate application profile review. This is done in-house and what it means is that your application up to this point will be reviewed and if you do well enough you will be invited to take part in the next stage of the application process, the ExxonMobil telephone interview.

ExxonMobil Phone Interview

The ExxonMobil phone interview for the ExxonMobil graduate scheme is a 20 minute interview and is conducted with a member of the HR team. It is a fairly generic phone interview and will cover basic competencies needed and wanted by ExxonMobil. Some example questions in this ExxonMobil phone interview include:

  • Why did you choose to apply for this line?
  • With regards to your academic work, how well do you cope with pressure?
  • Give me an example when you had to deal with a team member.
  • Tell me about a time when you had to say no to a proposal.
  • Tell me about a time when your ideas differed from the rest of the group, what did you do about it?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to find a creative answer to a difficult problem.

When answering these questions, pay close attention to the job application. It will contain varies key competencies that you should incorporate into your answers. By using the competencies in your answers you are showing that you have the skills required for the job. Moreover, you are showing a dedication and attention to detail that you really want to work for ExxonMobil.

Face-to-Face Interview

For most programs, with the ExxonMobil graduate scheme being the main exception, the face-to-face interview is the last stage of the recruitment process for most applicants. This interview is similar to that of the ExxonMobil phone interview being competency based. However, the main difference is that your answers will be presented to directors and managers as opposed to external HR people. Moreover, each of your answers will be delved into with more attention to detail needed to come through this stage.

ExxonMobil Assessment Centre

This is a full day assessment centre and there are a few different activities that we will outline below. There are some things to bear in mind during the day though. First, you are being assessed even when you aren't being officially tested. As long as the assessors are in the room, even if it is only for a coffee break, they will be taking in everything they see. For this reason, make sure that you don’t do anything that jeopardises your chances.

Panel Interview

This interview, like the others, is a competency-based interview on the whole. However, there are other possible lines of questioning as well. For example, if you describe a time when you did something out of the ordinary or visited a foreign country you may be asked to describe your experiences. Bear in mind that this interview has a lot to do with your “fit” into the company and as such, although in a broad sense the interview is competency based, your personality is also very much under the microscope. Try our interview preparation package for a real taste of the ExxonMobil assessment day interview.

In-Tray Exercise

There are a number of different parts to this exercise and we will outline them below. In the first part of the exercise you will be presented with numerous emails that need prioritising and sorting. This exercise resembles what you will have to do on a daily basis where you are given an almost infinite amount of tasks but only a finite amount of time to deal with them. You will have to answer questions pertaining to your decisions as well such as “why have you chosen this over this?” For more information as well as some practise, click here.

Following this you will need to write a report answering a particular question relating to your application stream. This report will need to be structured in the correct form with an introduction, main discussion, and conclusion. For more information and tips on writing reports, see our dedicated writing tips page.

Finally, you will have a short technical interview where you have to outline the different steps and decisions you made during the in-tray exercise. You will have to show your organisational and verbal communicational skills during this interview.

Group Exercise

The final exercise of the day is a group exercise/discussion. Normally, you will be given a brief about two fictitious Oil and Gas companies who need to do some restructuring. You will have to analyse the information and discuss as a group the best way forward. At the end of the designated time period you will have to, as a group make a short presentation to the assessors. You must show that you really are a team player in this exercise by making incisive comments as well as listening to the other candidates. One very important point; you can’t be assessed on your ideas if you don't make them heard. Whilst you must ensure that you don’t trample on other people, you must ensure that you are heard as well.