Basic Excel Test for Interview Preparation

Were you invited to take a basic level Excel assessment test as part of a job application?

JobTestPrep offers valuable test information as well as exclusive practice materials designed to get you ready for your test. Start practising today to increase your chances of landing that job!Start practicing now by choosing the Excel version relevant to you.

  Basic Excel 2010
Three full-length online tests + three-part tutorial
  • One year license
  Basic Excel 2013
Three Excel 2013 tests + basic to advanced tutorial
  • One year license

"JobTestPrep is a small price to pay for great success" -Jimmy, Louisiana

Test Introduction

In our modern age, most jobs are performed in a technological environment. Clerical, administrative, and any other types of jobs that require gathering and managing information often prescribe intensive use of Microsoft Excel (and Microsoft Word as well) at a relatively basic level.
When candidates apply for these types of jobs, employers usually require them to complete an Excel test. This test is designed to assess how proficient the candidates are at using Excel and whether the candidates’ skill level matches that required by the positions.

What Can You Expect to Be Tested on?

The basic level test should exclude any questions regarding highly advanced topics like Macro Creation or VBA for Excel. However, it may include questions on intermediate level topics like basic functions and using Excel’s Sort command. These are covered in our prep pack.
Other basic level topics that may appear on your test include: creating and formatting tables, basic commands such as saving and opening a Workbook, formatting data, creating cell references, and more. You will also need to be familiar with Excel’s interface to some extent and know the names and locations of the different parts and command buttons that comprise it.

Our basic level Excel test practice pack was created for inexperienced Excel users who want to practise for their upcoming test without wasting time on irrelevant topics.
Don’t rely solely on luck; effective test preparation is key to ensuring success on your assessment test, and that’s exactly what we offer at JobTestPrep.

JobTestPrep’s Advantage

Microsoft Excel has an immense amount of different features and commands, and it is almost impossible to master all of them. You wouldn’t study the entirety of British history just to take a test on World War I, would you?

JobTestPrep’s practice materials were specifically designed to address the topics included on basic Excel assessment tests. Our practice packs include:
  • Three step-by-step tutorials — two covering topics relevant to the basic level test and another covering a few more extra features. This more advanced tutorial will give you the upper hand when it comes to Excel proficiency.
  • Two full-length online multiple choice question tests containing 25 questions each. Both tests come with full answer explanations, allowing you to both assess your abilities as well as experience testing in an online environment.

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